Junior Lessons

Our junior programs are arranged progressions of age and skill, with a pathway for both recreational and competitive players. Kids of all ages from beginner to the advanced tournament players can begin with Junior Beginner Lessons & Clinics or be placed into our Junior Competitive Groups. Players will learn in an environment focused on camaraderie, physical fitness, discipline and good sportsmanship.

Junior Beginner Lessons & Clinics


Our introductory junior programs are designed for beginners and recreational players to build a foundation of basic strokes and love for the game. Lessons and clinics are organized into small groups by age and ability and follow the developmental 10 & Under Tennis program. For additional information about this program, visit our Youth Tennis Stages of Play page which illustrates the concepts of the program. Progress through the Stages of Play gives young players the ability to transition into tennis based on their age and size. Kids will develop skills and a foundation of the game while achieving success each step of the way!

Small Fry  Ages 4-6
Red Ball, 36 foot Court

Small Fry lessons offer children an excellent introduction to tennis. The emphasis of this program is on having fun, developing hand-to-eye coordination, and general athletic skills that will help achieve future tennis success. No sign-up necessary.

$7/day ($10/day non-member)
Sat:  12pm-1pm

Junior Clinics  Ages 6-14
Orange/Green/Yellow Ball, 60/78 foot Court

Junior Clinics will focus on basic strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, overhead and serve). Additionally, players will learn how to rally and keep score. Junior Clinics meet once a week during 5 week sessions (days/times vary). Make-ups must be done during the session in which student is currently enrolled. All lessons play as scheduled during Spring Break.

$65 ($80 non-member)
1 hour clinic, 1 day/week per 5 week session

The 2019-2020 session dates:
Session 1:  Monday, September 9 – Sunday, October 13
Session 2:  Monday, October 14 – Sunday, November 17
Session 3:  Monday, November 18 –  Sunday, December 22
Session 4:  Monday, January 6 – Sunday, February 9
Session 5:  Monday, February 10 – Sunday, March 15
Session 6:  Monday, March 16 – Sunday, April 19
Session 7:  Monday, April 20 – Sunday, May 17 (4 weeks)

Junior Competitive Group Lessons

Our Junior Competitive program is for players preparing for or involved in competitive tennis. Drills and games focus on strokes, footwork, strategy, and match play, and our younger players follow the Stages of Play in the USTA’s Youth Tennis program. For additional information visit our Youth Tennis Stages of Play page which illustrates the concepts of the program. Participation requires a two-day-per-week commitment with the 3rd day optional, and there are 4 sessions during the indoor season. All lessons and clinics play as scheduled during Spring Break.

All players new to our program must be evaluated for entry into our competitive programs. Placement will be determined by our Pros using USTA junior rating guidelines and personal assessment. There will be no guaranteed make-ups for Junior Competitive Group classes. It will sometimes be possible to make-up a class if there is room in an alternate class during the current session. Make-ups MUST be approved by an instructor or at the front desk. NO walk-in make-ups will be allowed. Available classes, days and times may be adjusted prior to the Indoor Season. Please refer to the August Calendar of Events for Junior Competitive Groups registration.

Players wishing to advance in Junior Competitive Groups may request a placement evaluation at any time during the season. Upon receiving the request, the coaches will convene, discuss placement of the player, and determine which group best fits the player’s current abilities.

Pricing per 9 week session
(a)  $350 ($380 non-member) 2 days/week  OR  $400 ($450 non-member)  3 days/week
(b)  $450 ($475 non-member) 2 days/week  OR  $550 ($595 non-member)  3 days/week

The 2019-2020 session dates
Session 1:  Monday, September 9 – Sunday, November 10  (9 weeks)
Session 2:  Monday, November 11 – Sunday, January 26  (9 weeks)
Session 3:  Monday, January 27 – Sunday, March 29  (9 weeks)
Session 4:  Monday, March 30 – Sunday, May 17  (7 Weeks)

For your convenience please review and print the following documents. Signed copies will be required before classes begin.

Junior Program Acceptance
Class Advancement Policy
Waiver of Liability

Junior Challengers (a)
Orange Ball, 60 foot Court

Young players learning the mechanics of stroke development, coordination and balance. Players will improve serving, rallying, and scoring for competitive play.

Tue:  4:30pm-6pm 
Fri:  5:30pm-7pm 
Sat:  9:30am-11am

Junior Development (a)
Orange/Green Ball, 60/78 foot Court

Players with intermediate stroke technique & movement, developing court positioning and hitting with purpose. Players will improve racket & ball control, learn singles & doubles strategy, and participate in match play and tournaments. Junior Development prepares players to move up to Yellow Ball level of competition.

Tue:  4:30pm-6pm
Fri:  5:30pm-7pm
Sat:  9:30am-11am

Junior Excellence (a)

Advanced players in the 8th grade or below proficient in technique, movement, and positioning. Players will improve consistency & control; learn spins, placement, and advanced singles & doubles strategy. Match play, middle school tennis and tournament participation.

Mon:  4:30pm-6pm
Wed:  4:30pm-6pm
Sat:  8am-9:30am

Senior Development (a)

Intermediate level 9-12th grade players preparing for high school tennis participation. Players will refine technique, movement, positioning, point structure, and learn singles & doubles strategy.

Wed:  3:30pm-5pm
Sat:  12:30pm-2pm
Sun:  2:30pm-4pm

Senior Excellence (a)

Varsity and advanced junior varsity level high school players proficient in technique, movement and positioning. Players will improve consistency & control; learn
placement, spins, and advanced singles & doubles strategy.

Wed:  3pm-4:30pm
Sat:  9:30am-11am
Sun:  1pm-2:30pm

Junior Tour (a)

Advanced tournament and high school varsity players will improve consistency & court strategy. Match-play drills, games and situational point play will help players build offensive weapons and improve footwork & conditioning.

Mon:  3pm-4:30pm
Wed:  6pm-7:30pm
Sat:  8am-9:30am

Junior Elite (b)

Players motivated for advanced levels of competition (tournaments, college). Emphasis will be on stroke production, footwork & conditioning, match play tactics,
improved shot-making, consistency and mental game (critical thinking, sportsmanship, determination, attitude).

Mon:  4pm-6pm
Wed:  4pm-6pm
Sat:  11am-1pm