Junior Competitive Groups 2023-2024

Junior Competitive Groups

Our Junior Competitive program is for players preparing for or involved in competitive tennis. Drills and games focus on strokes, footwork, strategy, and match play. Younger players follow the Stages of Play in the USTA’s (United States Tennis Association) Youth Progression program. Visit our Junior Player Progression page which illustrates the concepts of the program.

Groups are organized by age and ability based on the USTA’s Youth Progression program. Progression through the program gives players the ability to transition through tennis based on age and size with appropriate balls, rackets and court dimensions. This develops a strong foundation for players to sharpen their skills and love of the game while achieving success through each step of the program.

We offer five 7-week sessions during Indoor Season. Players must commit to all 7 weeks, and drop-ins are not offered at this time. Players may choose to attend 1, 2 or 3 days per week at designated times slots each of those days. With permission from instructors, players may do make-ups on days they are not registered before the next session begins. We currently request players 10 years & older have no guests in the viewing area. Ages 9 & under may have one adult per child.

Junior Memberships are available for $75/year which provide reduced rates for lessons and court time.

Please contact us at (810) 987-6868 or via email at tennishouse@sbcglobal.net to register for Junior Competitive Groups. Please print/complete our Waiver of Liability form to participate.


Junior Development
Orange Ball, 60/78 ft Court

Players with intermediate stroke and movement skills will improve racket and ball control while learning point construction and game strategy.

Junior Excellence
Green Ball, 78 ft Court                           

Players with advanced proficiency in technique, movement, and positioning will improve consistency and control. They will learn spins, placement, and advanced
singles & doubles strategy.

High School/Junior High School

Players with intermediate stroke technique & movement will develop court positioning and ball control while refining technique, strategy and point construction.

Junior Tour

Advanced tournament players will improve consistency & court strategy. Match-play drills, games and situational point play will help players build offensive weapons and improve footwork & conditioning.

Junior Elite

Players motivated for advanced levels of competition (tournaments, college) will emphasize stroke production, footwork & conditioning, match play tactics, improved shot-making, consistency and mental game (critical thinking, sportsmanship, determination, attitude).

Session Dates
7 Weeks/Session

SESSION 1:  September 11 – October 28, 2023
SESSION 2:  October 30 – December 16, 2023
Holiday Break:  December 24 – January 6, 2024
We’ll have special events the week of 12/18 and during Holiday Break – watch for announcements!
SESSION 3:  January 8 – February 24, 2024
SESSION 4:  February 26 – April 13, 2024
SESSION 5:  April 15 – May 18, 2024 (5 weeks)

Players must commit to all 7 weeks (5 weeks for Session 5).
Players may choose to attend 1, 2, or 3 days.
With permission from instructors, players may do
make-ups on days they are not registered.
Drop-ins are not offered at this time.
Players will be separated by ability level.

Days/Times  TBD

Tour, High School, Jr High School
Mon/Wed  4-6pm & Sat  8-10am

Excellence (Green Ball), Development (Orange Ball)
Tues/Thurs  4-6pm & Sat  8-10am


Days Per Week 1 2 3
Member $260 $420 $595
Non-Member $290 $475 $650