Robinson Winners & Awards History

The Francis J. Robinson Memorial International Tournament is named after a local tennis player, Lt. Francis J. Robinson, a young serviceman who died in a military flight training mission in July 1958. A group of Lt. Robinson’s friends started a small tennis tournament in his honor that same summer. The “Robinson” has grown into a local event that has drawn between 200-400 participants annually, ranging in divisions from 10 & under to 60 & over and is considered one of the longest running community tennis tournaments in the United States.

Robinson Award
The most coveted of the tournament, this award is given to the player who demonstrates sportsmanship throughout Robinson week and beyond. This athlete has a love and passion for the game, contributes to our sport through honest and fair competition, and is respected by other players.

Mike Clary Award
This award is in memory of Mike Clary, an outstanding player and instructor at the Tennis House who passed away in 1991. Mike was a top junior and adult competitor who enjoyed working with the kids in the junior program. This award is given to a junior player who works hard on their game and shows great dedication to tennis. 

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Bob Jackson1958Men'sDoubles
Bill Schieman1958Men'sSingles
Bill Schieman1958Men'sDoubles
Terry McDaid1958Girl'sDoubles
Sally Smith1958Girl'sDoubles
Mary Lynn Peek1958Girl'sSingles
Darryl Hastings1958Boy'sSingles
Darryl Hastings1958Boy'sDoubles
Art Smith1958Boy'sDoubles
Mary DeFord1958Robinson Award
Terry McDaid1959Women'sDoubles
Sally Smith1959Women'sDoubles
Graham Sweeny1959Men'sDoubles
Burt Simpson1959Men'sSingles
Burt Simpson1959Men'sDoubles
Rene Donohue1959Girl'sDoubles
Judy Clawson1959Girl'sSingles
Judy Clawson1959Girl'sDoubles
Pat Gibson1959Boy'sDoubles
Art Smith1959Boy'sSingles
Art Smith1959Boy'sDoubles
Jack Clift1959Robinson Award
Terry McDaid1960Women'sDoubles
Terry McDaid1960Women'sDoubles
Sally Smith1960Women'sDoubles
Rene Donahue1960Women'sDoubles
Ann Boughner1960Women'sSingles
Tarry McDaid1960MixedDoubles
Darryl Hastings1960MixedDoubles
Darryl Hastings1960Men'sSingles
Darryl Hastings1960Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1960Men'sDoubles
Terry McDaid1960Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Steve Burley1960Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Ed Vigrass1960Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Bob Fournier1960Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Jon Burley1960Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Dan Hill1960Robinson Award
Terry McDaid1961Women'sDoubles
Sally Smith1961Women'sDoubles
Irene Burley1961Women'sSingles
Mary Lynn Peek1961MixedDoubles
Bill Schieman1961MixedDoubles
Jim Schular1961Men'sSingles
Jim Schular1961Men'sDoubles
Darryl Hastings1961Men'sDoubles
Terry McDaid1961Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Patti Nester1961Girl's15 & UnderSingles
John Goudie1961Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Bob Fournier1961Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Bill Cogley1961Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Larry Davis1961Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Dave Schultz1961Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Dave Schultz1961Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Blair Draper1961Robinson Award
Terry McDaid1962Women'sDoubles
Sally Smith1962Women'sDoubles
Irene Burley1962Women'sSingles
Sue Smith1962MixedDoubles
Art Smith1962MixedDoubles
Steve Burley1962Men'sDoubles
Bert Simpson1962Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1962Men'sSingles
Brenda Crankshaw1962Girl's15 & UnderSingles
John Goudie1962Boy's18 & UnderSingles
John Goudie1962Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Dave Schultz1962Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Jack Morris1962Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Alex Kidd1962Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Alex Kidd1962Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Irene Burley1962Robinson Award
Jean Simpson1963Women'sDoubles
Irene Burley1963Women'sSingles
Irene Burley1963Women'sDoubles
Kathy Holth1963MixedDoubles
Bob Love1963MixedDoubles
Bob Love1963Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1963Men'sSingles
Art Smith1963Men'sDoubles
Sharon McDaid1963Girl'sSingles
Tom Jones1963Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Dave Schultz1963Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dave Schultz1963Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Larry Chasey1963Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Larry Chasey1963Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Dick Marshall1963Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Dick Marshall1963Robinson Award
Kathy Holth1964Women'sDoubles
Irene Burley1964Women'sSingles
Delores Barr1964Women'sDoubles
Steve Burley1964MixedDoubles
Irene Burley1964MixedDoubles
Steve Burley1964Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1964Men'sSingles
Art Smith1964Men'sDoubles
Kim Kahle1964Girl'sSingles
Sandy Simmons1964Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Larry Chasey1964Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Ken Bell1964Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Mike Gallagher1964Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Dick Marshall1964Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Dick Marshall1964Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Sandy Simmons1964Robinson Award
Maureen Robertson1965Women'sSingles
Jane Simpson1965Women'sDoubles
Irene Burley1965Women'sDoubles
Kathy Fitzgerald1965MixedDoubles
Dave Williams1965MixedDoubles
Larry Davis1965Men'sDoubles
Dave Schultz1965Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1965Men'sSingles
Donna Ceponis1965Girl'sSingles
Mike Gallagher1965Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Ken Bell1965Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Ken Bell1965Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Steve Henry1965Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Steve Henry1965Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Mike Smith1965Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Burt Simpson1965Robinson Award
June Trounce1966Women'sDoubles
Gill Cunningham1966Women'sSingles
Betty Tomkins1966Women'sDoubles
Norm MacGillivray1966MixedDoubles
Chris Pitts1966MixedDoubles
Steve Burley1966Men'sDoubles
Burt Simpson1966Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1966Men'sSingles
Donna Ceponis1966Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Larry Chasey1966Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Larry Chasey1966Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Dick Marshall1966Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Steve Henry1966Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Peter Lukey1966Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Gary Oswald1966Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker1966Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Art Smith1966Robinson Award
Peggy Davies1967Women'sDoubles
Maureen Robertson1967Women'sSingles
Donna Ceponis1967Women'sDoubles
Walter Cavanaugh1967MixedDoubles
Virginia Cavanaugh1967MixedDoubles
Dennis Cavanaugh1967Men'sSingles
Bob Love1967Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1967Men'sDoubles
Chris Noetzel1967Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Cathy Kash1967Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Cathy Kash1967Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Mike Smith1967Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Dick Marshall1967Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dick Marshall1967Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Peter Lukey1967Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Peter Lukey1967Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Dan Johnson1967Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker1967Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Mark Walker1967Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jim McCall1967Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Glenn Beier1967Robinson Award
Pam Shillingford1968Women'sDoubles
Lucy Duncan1968Women'sDoubles
Donna Ceponis1968Women'sSingles
Walter Cavanaugh1968MixedDoubles
Virgina Cavanaugh1968MixedDoubles
Walter Cavanaugh1968Men'sDoubles
Dennis Cavanaugh1968Men'sSingles
Dennis Cavanaugh1968Men'sDoubles
Sally Schroeder1968Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Margaret Jones1968Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Dorothy Lovatt1968Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Sally Smith1968Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Barbara Selden1968Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Barbara Selden1968Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Henry1968Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Steve Henry1968Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Smith1968Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Chargot1968Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
John Molinaro1968Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jim Whiffon1968Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Don Cole1968Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Alex Dalrymple1968Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Alex Dalrymple1968Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
John VanDyke1968Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Walter Cavanaugh1968Robinson Award
Pat Wittfield1969Women'sSingles
Pat Wittfield1969Women'sDoubles
Betty Tompkins1969Women'sDoubles
Walter Cavanaugh1969MixedDoubles
Virgina Cavanaugh1969MixedDoubles
Walter Cavanaugh1969Men'sDoubles
Dennis Cavanaugh1969Men'sSingles
Dennis Cavanaugh1969Men'sDoubles
Sandra Martin1969Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Dorothy Lovatt1969Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Debbie Danylchuk1969Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Sandra Martin1969Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Karen Danylchuk1969Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Barbara Selden1969Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Angela Hillhorst1969Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Barbara Selden1969Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Mike Chargot1969Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mark Steinborn1969Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Mark Steinborn1969Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
John Dupes1969Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Alex Dalrymple1969Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Alex Dalrymple1969Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Rick French1969Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Glenn Johnson1969Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Glenn Johnson1969Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
John VanDyke1969Boy's12 & UnderSingles
John VanDyke1969Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Collin Preece1969Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Don Phillips1969Robinson Award
June Troump1970Women'sDoubles
Donna Cepanis1970Women'sSingles
Betty Thompkins1970Women'sDoubles
Tim Lozen1970MixedDoubles
Cathy Lozen1970MixedDoubles
Paul Diamond1970Men'sSingles
Paul Diamond1970Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1970Men'sDoubles
Debbie Danylchuk1970Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Terry Salfdas1970Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Helen Kukura1970Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1970Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Susan Kimpton1970Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Karen Danylchuk1970Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1970Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Patricia Woodcick1970Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Moncia Peri1970Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Judy Boyle1970Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Mike Chargot1970Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
John Dupes1970Boy's18 & UnderSingles
John Dupes1970Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Rick French1970Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Glenn Johnson1970Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Glenn Johnson1970Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Scott DesJardin1970Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
John Boukamp1970Boy's14 & UnderSingles
John Boukamp1970Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Marty Meyer1970Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
John Lovall1970Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Dan Dupes1970Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Don Cole1970Robinson Award
Terry Salldias1971Women'sDoubles
Helen Kukura1971Women'sDoubles
Barb Selden1971Women'sSingles
Barb Selden1971MixedDoubles
Art Smith1971MixedDoubles
Tim Lozen1971Men'sDoubles
John Dupes1971Men'sDoubles
Alex Dalrymple1971Men'sSingles
Candy Johnson1971Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Karen Danylchuck1971Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Cathy Parrish1971Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1971Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Lori Ferguson1971Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Alix Lovatt1971Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Alix Lovatt1971Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Scott Magneson1971Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
John Dupes1971Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Jerry Magneson1971Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Rick French1971Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Rick French1971Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mark Bottrell1971Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Scott DesJardin1971Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Scott DesJardin1971Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Dan Dupes1971Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tim Assaf1971Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Tim Assaf1971Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Kevin Raftery1971Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Ellen Miller1971Robinson Award
Candy Johnson1972Women'sDoubles
Barb Selden1972Women'sSingles
Barb Selden1972Women'sDoubles
Glenn Johsnon1972Men'sSingles
Glenn Johsnon1972Men'sDoubles
Art Smith1972Men'sDoubles
Karen Danychuck1972Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Debbie Danychuck1972Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Candy Johnson1972Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Karen Danychuck1972Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kris Cook1972Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1972Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Cathy Parish1972Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Carol Treleaven1972Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Alix Lovatt1972Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Alix Lovatt1972Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Scott DesJardin1972Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Rick French1972Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Rick French1972Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Steve Wilkinson1972Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Steve Wilkinson1972Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
John Boukamp1972Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Marty Meyer1972Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
John Lovatt1972Boy's14 & UnderSingles
John Lovatt1972Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Mike Artuso1972Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chris Williams1972Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Chris Williams1972Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
John Dupes1972Robinson Award
Karen Danylchuk1973Women'sDoubles
June Hicks1973Women'sSingles
Debbie Danylchuk1973Women'sDoubles
John Dupes1973MixedDoubles
Barb Selden1973MixedDoubles
Mike Hicks1973Men's40 & OverDoubles
Jack Clift1973Men's40 & OverDoubles
Burt Simpson1973Men's40 & OverSingles
Steve Burley1973Men'sDoubles
John Dupes1973Men'sSingles
Art Smith1973Men'sDoubles
Sue Parent1973Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Pat Woodcock1973Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1973Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1973Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kris Cook1973Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Kris Cook1973Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1973Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Mary Mactaggart1973Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Lynne Conner1973Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Agneta Czchowicz1973Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Steve McCalmon1973Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Rick French1973Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Brent Dupes1973Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Steve Zurick1973Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jorge Isaac1973Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Dan Dupes1973Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mike Powell1973Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Kevin Cairns1973Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Kevin Cairns1973Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Don Wood1973Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chris Williams1973Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Chris Williams1973Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Mark Steinborn1973Robinson Award
Sue Parent1974Women'sSingles
Karen Danylchuk1974Women'sDoubles
Debbie Danylchuk1974Women'sDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1974MixedDoubles
Frank Sharp1974MixedDoubles
Randy Stiles1974Men's40 & OverDoubles
Leo Block1974Men's40 & OverSingles
Jack Clift1974Men's40 & OverDoubles
Rick French1974Men'sDoubles
Glenn Johnson1974Men'sSingles
Glenn Johnson1974Men'sDoubles
Sue Franke1974Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Karen Danylchuk1974Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Dorothy Rietzler1974Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1974Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Heather Mactaggart1974Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Chris Cook1974Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Melanie Wood1974Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Melanie Wood1974Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Angela Walker1974Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Mary Mactaggart1974Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Mary Mactaggart1974Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Lynne Conner1974Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Zurik1974Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Steve Wilkinson1974Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
John Boukamp1974Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Marty Meyer1974Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Marty Meyer1974Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
John Lovall1974Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tim Assaf1974Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Mike Arfuso1974Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Greg Armstrong1974Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tony Bonadio1974Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Claflin1974Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Scott Williamson1974Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Tim Lozen1974Robinson Award
Karen Danylchuk1975Women'sOpen
Judith Wood1975Women's35 & OverDoubles
Fleurette Forbes1975Women's35 & OverDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1975Women'sDoubles
Barb Selden1975Women'sDoubles
Glenn Johnson1975MixedDoubles
Barb Selden1975MixedDoubles
Steve Wilkinson1975Men'sOpen
Jack Walker1975Men's45 & OverDoubles
Jack Clift1975Men's45 & OverSingles
Jack Clift1975Men's45 & OverDoubles
Graham Sweeney1975Men's35 & OverDoubles
Burt Simpson1975Men's35 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1975Men's35 & OverSingles
Glenn Johnson1975Men'sDoubles
Cliff Dawson1975Men'sDoubles
Kris Cook1975Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kathy Parish1975Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1975Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Sue Bloom1975Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Lori Bloom1975Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Kris Cook1975Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Stacey Findley1975Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Mary Mactaggart1975Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Lynn Conner1975Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Sue McElroy1975Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Noreen Simpson1975Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Carol Simpson1975Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Storey1975Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Scott DesJardin1975Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Marty Meyer1975Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Steve Storey1975Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Mike DeLong1975Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Chuck Patrick1975Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tony Bonadio1975Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Don Wood1975Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Chris Williams1975Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Richard Bender1975Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Bill Schmitt1975Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Andy Spettigue1975Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Karen Danylchuk1975Robinson Award
Sue Parent1976Women'sOpen
Kathy Parish1976Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Selden1976Women'sOpenDoubles
Judy Wood1976Women's35 & OverDoubles
Fleurette Forbes1976Women's35 & OverDoubles
Betty Ropposch1976Women's35 & OverSingles
John Dupes1976MixedDoubles
Barb Selden1976MixedDoubles
Steve McCalmon1976Men'sOpenDoubles
John Boukamp1976Men'sOpen
Glenn Johnson1976Men'sOpenDoubles
Don Hall1976Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Ange1976Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bill Simkins1976Men's45 & OverDoubles
Roy Clark1976Men's35 & OverDoubles
Burt Simpson1976Men's35 & OverSingles
Burt Simpson1976Men's35 & OverDoubles
Kris Cook1976Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1976Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Barb Selden1976Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Stacy Findley1976Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Angela Walker1976Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Angela Walker1976Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Mary Mactaggart1976Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Lynn Cooper1976Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Lynn Conner1976Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Rene Simpson1976Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Julie Nicholson1976Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Chris Pardrora1976Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Storey1976Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Steve Storey1976Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Kirk Schmidt1976Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Artuso1976Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Greg Armstrong1976Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Greg Armstrong1976Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tony Bonadil1976Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Steve Claflin1976Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Steve Claflin1976Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jim Zwack1976Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dan Duncan1976Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Andy Speique1976Boy's12 & UnderSingles
John Boukamp1976Robinson Award
Karen Danylchuk1977Women'sOpen
Heather Mactaggart1977Women'sOpenDoubles
Chris Cook1977Women'sOpenDoubles
Judy Woods1977Women's35 & OverDoubles
Fleurette Forbes1977Women's35 & OverSingles
Fleurette Forbes1977Women's35 & OverDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1977MixedDoubles
Fred Trapnell1977MixedDoubles
Steve Storey1977Men'sOpenDoubles
Steve McCalmon1977Men'sOpenDoubles
Alex Dalrymple1977Men'sOpen
Ted Bloch1977Men's45 & OverSingles
Ted Bloch1977Men's45 & OverDoubles
Lou Adams1977Men's45 & OverDoubles
Steve Burley1977Men's35 & OverSingles
John Murray1977Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jack Howden1977Men's35 & OverDoubles
Mary Mactaggart1977Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Mary Mactaggart1977Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Joan Ropposch1977Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Sue McElroy1977Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Sue McElroy1977Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Carol Francavilla1977Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Rene Simpson1977Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Mary Raftery1977Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Karen Keenan1977Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Paul Walker1977Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Kirk Schmidt1977Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Kevin Cairns1977Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Tony Bonadio1977Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Pat McGrath1977Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mike Phillips1977Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Richard Bender1977Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Glen Armstrong1977Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Andrew Spettigue1977Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Rich Cleary1977Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Rich Cleary1977Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Eric Schieman1977Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Heather Mactaggart1977Robinson Award
Karen Danylchuk1978Women'sOpen
Candy Johnson1978Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Selden1978Women'sOpenDoubles
Carroll Simmons1978Women's35 & OverDoubles
Betty Ropposch1978Women's35 & OverSingles
Ardus Hurt1978Women's35 & OverDoubles
Sue Lucas1978Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1978Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1978MixedDoubles
Mike Artuso1978MixedDoubles
Beth Keenan1978MixedDoubles
Barb Selden1978MixedDoubles
Mark Walker1978Men'sOpenDoubles
Jim Parajanen1978Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1978Men'sOpen
Henry Munclinger1978Men's55 & OverSingles
Randy Sites1978Men's45 & OverDoubles
John Boukamp1978Men's45 & OverSingles
Jerry Baird1978Men's45 & OverDoubles
Steve Burley1978Men's35 & OverSingles
Steve Burley1978Men's35 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1978Men's35 & OverDoubles
Lynn Conner1978Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Lisa Reckker1978Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Joan Ropposch1978Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Sue McElroy1978Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Lynne Conner1978Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Carol Francavilla1978Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Mary Raftery1978Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Julie Nicholson1978Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Debbie Ordowski1978Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Virgnia Gaviller1978Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Virgnia Gaviller1978Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Janet Forbes1978Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Paul Walker1978Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Mike Artuso1978Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Greg Armstrong1978Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Tony Bonadio1978Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Rich Bender1978Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Andy Spettigue1978Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mike Cansfield1978Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Grant Armstrong1978Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Grant Armstrong1978Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Greg Meimer1978Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Craig Kelly1978Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Craig Kelly1978Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Bob Groff1978Robinson Award
Heather Mactaggart1979Women'sOpenDoubles
Cheryl Klunder1979Women'sOpen
Barb Lynch1979Women'sOpenDoubles
Margaret Farmer1979Women's35 & OverSingles
Margaret Farmer1979Women's35 & OverDoubles
Coleen Keenan1979Women's35 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch1979MixedOpenDoubles
Margaret Farmer1979Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Harry Meimar1979Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Rich Bender1979MixedDoubles
Patti Hogan1979MixedDoubles
Pat Trapnell1979MixedDoubles
Steve Storey1979Men'sOpenDoubles
Pat Trapnell1979Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1979Men'sOpen
Chuck Patrick1979Men's55 & OverSingles
John Erickson1979Men's45 & OverDoubles
John Boukamp1979Men's45 & OverSingles
John Boukamp1979Men's45 & OverDoubles
Steve Burley1979Men's35 & OverSingles
Frank Moore1979Men's35 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1979Men's35 & OverDoubles
Mary Mactaggart1979Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Lynne Conner1979Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Lisa Reckker1979Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Carol Francavilla1979Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Sue McElroy1979Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Karen Keenan1979Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Carol Francavilla1979Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Virginia Gaviller1979Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Rene Walsh1979Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Mary Raftery1979Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Tony Bonadio1979Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Steve Claflin1979Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Steve Claflin1979Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Cansfield1979Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Daver Anderson1979Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Dan Duncan1979Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mark Hawrelak1979Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Lance Lindquist1979Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Gary Waite1979Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jamie Moore1979Boy's12 & UnderSingles
David Fletcher1979Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dave Dykes1979Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Barb Lynch1979Robinson Award
Joan Ropposch1980Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1980Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1980Women'sOpenDoubles
Norma Lohr1980Women's45 & OverDoubles
Harriet Berlin1980Women's45 & OverSingles
Ginny Fitzgerald1980Women's45 & OverDoubles
Margaret Farmer1980Women's35 & OverSingles
Margaret Farmer1980Women's35 & OverDoubles
Colleen Keenan1980Women's35 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch1980MixedOpenDoubles
Mike Moore1980Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bonnie Moore1980Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1980MixedDoubles
Mike Cansfield1980MixedDoubles
Mary Raftery1980MixedDoubles
Steve McCalmon1980Men'sOpenDoubles
Pat Trapnell1980Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1980Men'sOpen
Tom Polglase1980Men's55 & OverDoubles
Henry Munclinger1980Men's55 & OverSingles
Gar Henry1980Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jack Howden1980Men's45 & OverDoubles
Dick Hawrelak1980Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bill Schieman1980Men's45 & OverSingles
Jim Madaus1980Men's35 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1980Men's35 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1980Men's35 & OverDoubles
Sue McElroy1980Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Lynne Conner1980Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Carol Francavilla1980Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Renee Walsh1980Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Mary Raftery1980Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Mary Raftery1980Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Virginia Goviller1980Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Paula Mighlon1980Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Janet Forbes1980Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Pamela Ali1980Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Marle Farrar1980Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Amino Ali1980Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Jim Rankin1980Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Grodon Rowcliffe1980Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Andy Spettigue1980Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Cansfield1980Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Mike Cansfield1980Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Dan Duncan1980Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Steve Smith1980Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Lance Lindquist1980Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Gary Waite1980Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Jody Smith1980Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Jody Smith1980Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Guy Adams1980Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Sue Smith1980Robinson Award
Mary Mactaggart1981Women'sOpenSingles
Joan Ropposch1981Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1981Women'sOpenDoubles
Ruth Raftery1981Women's45 & OverDoubles
Ginny Fitzgerald1981Women's45 & OverSingles
Ginny Fitzgerald1981Women's45 & OverDoubles
Margaret Farmer1981Women's35 & OverSingles
Margaret Farmer1981Women's35 & OverDoubles
Colleen Keenan1981Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1981MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1981MixedOpenDoubles
Margaret Farmer1981Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Jack Clift1981Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Julian Go1981Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1981Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield1981MixedDoubles
Libby Fitzgeral1981MixedDoubles
Mark Walker1981Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1981Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1981Men'sOpen
Don Sartwell1981Men's55 & OverDoubles
Clyde Upwer1981Men's55 & OverDoubles
Chuck Patrick1981Men's55 & OverSingles
William Schieman1981Men's45 & OverSingles
R.A. Howrelak1981Men's45 & OverDoubles
Jack Howden1981Men's45 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1981Men's35 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1981Men's35 & OverSingles
Bruce Soule1981Men's35 & OverDoubles
Kathy Wilson1981Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Julie Nicholson1981Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Julie Nicholson1981Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Paula Mighon1981Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Marie Farrar1981Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Janet Forbes1981Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Marie Ali1981Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Lynn McElroy1981Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Kris Marten1981Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Pam Ali1981Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Amina Ali1981Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Amina Ali1981Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
John Sousanis1981Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Grant Armstrong1981Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dave Anderson1981Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Bennett1981Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Gary Waite1981Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Ericn Schieman1981Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Steve Smith1981Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Dave Maynard1981Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Dave Maynard1981Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jody Smith1981Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Guy Adams1981Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Guy Adams1981Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jim Ropposch1981Robinson Award
Tracy Shaw1982Women'sOpenDoubles
Michele Winfield1982Women'sOpen
Joan Ropposch1982Women'sOpenDoubles
Ruth Raftery1982Women's45 & OverDoubles
Nancy Moore1982Women's45 & OverSingles
Ginny Fitzgerald1982Women's45 & OverDoubles
Margaret Farmer1982Women's35 & OverSingles
Margaret Farmer1982Women's35 & OverDoubles
Colleen Keenan1982Women's35 & OverDoubles
Joan Ropposch1982MixedOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1982MixedOpenDoubles
Mary Moore1982Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Fred Moore1982Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Julian Go1982Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1982Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield1982MixedDoubles
Mary Raftery1982MixedDoubles
Scott DesJardin1982Men'sOpen
Mark Walker1982Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1982Men'sOpenDoubles
Don Sartwell1982Men's55 & OverDoubles
Chuck Patrick1982Men's55 & OverSingles
Chuck Patrick1982Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1982Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1982Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1982Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen1982Men's35 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen1982Men's35 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1982Men's35 & OverDoubles
Kara Hirt1982Girl's19 & UnderSingles
Mary Raftery1982Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Marie Farrar1982Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Janet Johnson1982Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Sheila O'Sullivan1982Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Paula Mighon1982Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Paula Mighon1982Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Virginia Gaviller1982Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Marie Ali1982Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Amina Ali1982Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Pam Ali1982Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Pam Ali1982Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Monee Vollmer1982Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
John Sousanis1982Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dave Maynard1982Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Bill Ropposch1982Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Howrelak1982Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Gary Waite1982Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Gary Waite1982Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jody Smith1982Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Guy Adams1982Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Guy Adams1982Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Mark McVicar1982Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jody Smith1982Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Ian Callow1982Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Brian Hanton1982Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Glenn Johnson1982Silver Jubilee
Glenn Johnson1982Robinson Award
Joan Ropposch1983Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1983Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1983Women'sOpenDoubles
Ruth Raftery1983Women's45 & OverDoubles
Carol Simmons1983Women's45 & OverSingles
Betty Owens1983Women's45 & OverDoubles
Margaret Farmer1983Women's35 & OverSingles
Leslynn Moore1983Women's35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1983Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1983MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1983MixedOpenDoubles
Ruth Raftery1983Mixed45 & OverDoubles
John Harkins1983Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Julian Go1983Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1983Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Janet Forbes1983MixedDoubles
Gary Waite1983MixedDoubles
Mark Walker1983Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johsnon1983Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johsnon1983Men'sOpen
Tom Polglase1983Men's55 & OverSingles
Ken Munclinger1983Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Bernard1983Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jim Herm1983Men's45 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen1983Men's35 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen1983Men's35 & OverDoubles
Nur Gurak1983Men's35 & OverDoubles
Mary Raftery1983Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Mary Raftery1983Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Janet Forbes1983Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Shari Straffon1983Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Marie Ali1983Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Marie Ali1983Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Sandra Pyun1983Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Monee Volmer1983Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Kathy Petho1983Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Monee Volmer1983Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Evie Kopp1983Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Eugenie McNamee1983Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Evie Kopp1983Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Rob Binder1983Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Gary Waite1983Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Gary Waite1983Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Scott Erbe1983Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Jamie Moore1983Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Dave Dykes1983Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mark McVicar1983Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jay Zulauf1983Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Ian Carllow1983Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Shawn Rath1983Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Darryl Gaies1983Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Blake Barber1983Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Nick Sousanis1983Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Gary Waite1983Robinson Award
Ruth Raftery1984Women'sOpenDoubles
Marie Farrar1984Women'sOpenSingles
Fleurette Forbes1984Women'sOpenDoubles
Fleurette Forbes1984Women's45 & OverSingles
Margaret Farmer1984Women's35 & OverSingles
Margaret Farmer1984Women's35 & OverDoubles
Hawrelak1984Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1984MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1984MixedOpenDoubles
Anecki1984Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Anecki1984Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Julian Go1984Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1984Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker1984Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1984Men'sOpenDoubles
Patrick1984Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Forbes1984Men's55 & OverSingles
Bud Fredericks1984Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jack Howden1984Men's45 & OverDoubles
Dick Hawrelak1984Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1984Men's45 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen1984Men's35 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen1984Men's35 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1984Men's35 & OverDoubles
Shelia O'Sullivan1984Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Shari Straffon1984Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Janet Forbes1984Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Susie Moore1984Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Susie Moore1984Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Kathy Petho1984Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Monee Vollmer1984Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Maria Iafrate1984Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Heather Williamson1984Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Keri Kaija1984Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Gates1984Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Eugenie McNamee1984Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Lesley Hubbell1984Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Moore1984Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Clary1984Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Hawrelak1984Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Zulauf1984Boy's16 & UnderSingles
O'Leary1984Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
DeLong1984Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
McVicar1984Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Ian Callow1984Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Ian Callow1984Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Perry Rath1984Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Daryl Gates1984Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Daryl Gates1984Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Clark1984Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Mike Cansfield1984Robinson Award
Glenn Johnson1984OpenSingles
Joan Ropposch1985Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1985Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1985Women'sOpenDoubles
Mae Anecki1985Women's45 & OverSingles
Ginny Hirt1985Women's45 & OverDoubles
Carol Simmons1985Women's45 & OverDoubles
Michele Winfield1985Women's35 & OverSingles
Mary Kay Baribeau1985Women's35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1985Women's35 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch1985MixedOpenDoubles
Howden1985Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Howden1985Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Lezlynn Moore1985Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Fred Moore1985Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Vollmer1985Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Chean1985Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Kaija1985Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Gates1985Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Rich Cansfield1985Men'sOpenDoubles
Mike Cansfield1985Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1985Men'sOpenSingles
Tom Polglase1985Men's65 & OverSingles
Ralph Owens1985Men's55 & OverDoubles
Leo Anecki1985Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jim Hembre1985Men's55 & OverSingles
John Erickson1985Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bryne1985Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1985Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen1985Men's35 & OverSingles
Nur Gurak1985Men's35 & OverDoubles
Burley1985Men's35 & OverDoubles
Susie Moore1985Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Susie Moore1985Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kathy Petho1985Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Marlo Iafrate1985Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Kathy Petho1985Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Heather Williamson1985Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Shari Straffon1985Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Monee Vollmer1985Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Eugenie McNamee1985Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Lesley Hubbell1985Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Laura Gates1985Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Kiri Kaija1985Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Megan Lozen1985Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Odlum1985Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dave Claflin1985Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Clair1985Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
McVicar1985Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Jon Zulauf1985Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jay Sulauf1985Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Todd Daniel1985Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Syrie1985Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Rath1985Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Rath1985Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Perry Rath1985Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Gates1985Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Troy Schneider1985Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Tom Polglase1985Robinson Award
Kris Marten1986Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1986Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1986Women'sOpenDoubles
Mary Bouchard1986Women's45 & OverDoubles
Mae Anecki1986Women's45 & OverSingles
Ginny Fitzgerald1986Women's45 & OverDoubles
Susan Kaija1986Women's35 & OverSingles
Susan Kaija1986Women's35 & OverDoubles
Sharon Jackson1986Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve McCalmon1986MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1986MixedOpenDoubles
Howden1986Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Howden1986Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Wong1986Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Kaija1986Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Vollmer1986Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Owens1986Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Kaija1986Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Gates1986Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker1986Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1986Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1986Men'sOpenDoubles
Paul Frank1986Men's65 & OverSingles
Ralph Owen1986Men's55 & OverDoubles
Leo Anecki1986Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1986Men's55 & OverSingles
John Erickson1986Men's45 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1986Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1986Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen1986Men's35 & OverSingles
Mike Moore1986Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Hembre1986Men's35 & OverDoubles
Susie Moore1986Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Monee Vollmer1986Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kathy Petho1986Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kristina Card1986Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Evie Kopp1986Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Eugenie McNamee1986Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Kiri Kaija1986Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Kiri Kaija1986Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Forsyth1986Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Laura Gates1986Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Jenny Dugan1986Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Jenny Dugan1986Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Laura Gates1986Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Jon Zulauf1986Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Jay Zulauf1986Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Jay Risk1986Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Tom Frye1986Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Miles1986Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Fuller1986Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Perry Rath1986Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Nick Sousanis1986Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Darryl Gates1986Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tom Kopp1986Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1986Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Chris Rossow1986Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Clark1986Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Sharon Jackson1986Robinson Award
Marie Farrar1987Women'sOpenSingles
Kristina Card1987Women'sOpenDoubles
Kris Martin1987Women'sOpenDoubles
Margaret Farmer1987Women's45 & OverDoubles
Mae Anecki1987Women's45 & OverSingles
Jeanie McVIcar1987Women's45 & OverDoubles
Susan Kaija1987Women's35 & OverSingles
Michele Winfield1987Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mae Anecki1987Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1987MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1987MixedOpenDoubles
Mae Anecki1987Mixed45 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1987Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Mary Kay Baribeau1987Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Felter1987Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Lesley Hubbell1987Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Jose Rubio1987Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1987Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Burnsy McNamee1987Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve McCalmon1987Men'sOpenDoubles
Pat Trapnell1987Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1987Men'sOpenSingles
Ralph Owens1987Men's55 & OverDoubles
Leo Anecki1987Men's55 & OverDoubles
Chuck Patrick1987Men's55 & OverSingles
John Erickson1987Men's45 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1987Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1987Men's45 & OverDoubles
Les Felter1987Men's35 & OverDoubles
Bill Hubbell1987Men's35 & OverDoubles
Al Metzel1987Men's35 & OverSingles
Lesley Hubbell1987Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Evie Kopp1987Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Eugenie McNamee1987Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Sunita Zacharias1987Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Rebba John1987Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Eugenie McNamee1987Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Sunita Zacharias1987Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Jennifer Dugan1987Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Elizabeth O'Mahony1987Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Megan Lozen1987Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Laura Gates1987Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Keely Baribeau1987Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Jennie Fox1987Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Mark McVicar1987Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Guy Adams1987Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Chris Caetano1987Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Smith1987Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Rich Urban1987Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Rich Urban1987Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tony Campis1987Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Shawn Rath1987Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Robin White1987Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Troy Schneider1987Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Troy Schneider1987Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jason Go1987Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve McNamee1987Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Fleurette Forbes1987Robinson Award
Kris Marten1988Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1988Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1988Women'sOpenDoubles
VanMeer1988Women's45 & OverDoubles
Susan Kaija1988Women's45 & OverSingles
Owen1988Women's45 & OverDoubles
Michele Winfield1988Women's35 & OverSingles
Michele Winfield1988Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mae Anecki1988Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mary Boike1988MixedOpenDoubles
Mark Walker1988MixedOpenDoubles
Mike Moore1988Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Bonnie Moore1988Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Michele Winfield1988Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bill Hubbell1988Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Kiri Kaija1988Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Collin Hill1988Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Laura Gates1988Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Dax Latham1988Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker1988Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1988Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1988Men'sOpenDoubles
Jim Whitnall1988Men's65 & OverSingles
Ralph Owens1988Men's55 & OverSingles
Ralph Owens1988Men's55 & OverDoubles
Leo Aneck1988Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1988Men's45 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1988Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1988Men's45 & OverDoubles
Les Felter1988Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Earley1988Men's35 & OverDoubles
Bob Susie1988Men's35 & OverSingles
Eugenue McNamee1988Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Burnsy McNamee1988Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Ann Pochodylo1988Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Kiri Kaija1988Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kaija1988Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Forsyth1988Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Gates1988Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Dugan1988Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Burnsy McNamee1988Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Laura Rinn1988Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Jamie Wilson1988Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Christine Ferguson1988Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Maureen White1988Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Rich Urban1988Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Smith1988Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Abson Shaikh1988Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Nick Sousanis1988Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Jason Ruiz1988Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1988Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Troy Schneider1988Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tony Campis1988Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Jason Go1988Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Steve Pillon1988Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Stephen McNamee1988Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Natthew Rossow1988Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Steve Pillon1988Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Michele Winfield1988Robinson Award
Kris Marten1989Women'sOpenDoubles
Helen Christiaans1989Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1989Women'sOpenDoubles
Trisa White1989Women's45 & OverDoubles
Sue Smith1989Women's45 & OverSingles
Edith Howden1989Women's45 & OverDoubles
Patty Cooley1989Women's35 & OverSingles
Mary Kay Baribeau1989Women's35 & OverDoubles
Haidi Go1989Women's35 & OverDoubles
Nur Gurak1989MixedOpenDoubles
Helen Christiaans1989MixedOpenDoubles
Sawdon1989Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Jackson1989Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Jim Earley1989Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Cooley1989Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Urban1989Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
McNamee1989Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Keeley Baribeau1989Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Jason Go1989Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Mike Clary1989Men'sOpenSingles
Mark Walker1989Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1989Men'sOpenDoubles
Paul Frank1989Men's65 & OverSingles
Owen1989Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jack Overpeck1989Men's55 & OverSingles
Anecki1989Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1989Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1989Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Groff1989Men's45 & OverDoubles
Les Felter1989Men's35 & OverSingles
Les Felter1989Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Earley1989Men's35 & OverDoubles
McNamee1989Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Eugenie McNamee1989Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Andrea Lange1989Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Chapman1989Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Burnsey McNamee1989Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Baribeau1989Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Laura Rinn1989Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Keely Baribeau1989Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Boyesa1989Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Kenzie1989Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Fox1989Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Danielle Clark1989Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Stacy Shock1989Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Rinn1989Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Nick Soussanis1989Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Murphy1989Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Tim Hammill1989Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Revoldt1989Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mike Davis1989Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Troy Schneider1989Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Mike Davis1989Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Jason Go1989Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Steve Pillon1989Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve McNamee1989Boy's12 & UnderSingles
McNamee1989Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Victor Lu1989Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Mark Walker1989Robinson Award
Helen Christiaans1990Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1990Women'sOpenDoubles
Angela Marczak1990Women'sOpenDoubles
Susan Kaija1990Women's45 & OverDoubles
Sharon Jackson1990Women's45 & OverDoubles
Bridgette Elmwiller1990Women's45 & OverSingles
Sally Orr1990Women's35 & OverSingles
Pat Thompson1990Women's35 & OverDoubles
Jan Pierson1990Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mary Boike1990MixedOpenDoubles
Mark Walker1990MixedOpenDoubles
Sharon Jackson1990Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1990Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Michele Winfield1990Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Leo Felter1990Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Sarah Chapman1990Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1990Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Matt Rossow1990Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Larua Rinn1990Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker1990Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1990Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1990Men'sOpenDoubles
Gus Nalsmith1990Men's65 & OverSingles
Ralph Owen1990Men's55 & OverDoubles
Leo Anecki1990Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bill Scheiman1990Men's55 & OverSingles
John Erickson1990Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1990Men's45 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1990Men's45 & OverSingles
Kes Fekter1990Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Earley1990Men's35 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1990Men's35 & OverSingles
Sunlta Zacharias1990Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Melanie Mayer1990Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Jenny Jourdan1990Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Sarah Chapman1990Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Lana Kosovac1990Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kelley Baribeau1990Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Nicole Boyea1990Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Laura Rinn1990Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Laura Rinn1990Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Rachel Calderon1990Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Laura Henry1990Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Andrea Burnell1990Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Stacy Schock1990Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Jason Ruiz1990Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Jason Ruiz1990Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1990Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Nathan Hendrix1990Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jim Meachey1990Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jason Go1990Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Steve Pillon1990Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Steve McNamee1990Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Steve McNamee1990Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Shawn Zacharias1990Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Kevin Hinton1990Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jason Anderson1990Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Victor Nu1990Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Jim Earley1990Robinson Award
Kim Miller1991Women'sOpenSingles
Kim Miller1991Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1991Women'sOpenDoubles
Trish White1991Women's45 & OverSingles
Trish White1991Women's45 & OverDoubles
Edith Howden1991Women's45 & OverDoubles
Terry Lamberton1991Women's35 & OverSingles
Mary Kay Baribeau1991Women's35 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1991Women's35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson1991MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1991MixedOpenDoubles
Moore1991Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Moore1991Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Pat Thompson1991Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Jim Early1991Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Sarah Chapman1991Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1991Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Cameron Chapman1991Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Andrea Burnell1991Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve McCalmon1991Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1991Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1991Men'sOpenDoubles
John Bernard1991Men's65 & OverSingles
Ralph Owen1991Men's55 & OverDoubles
Paul Frank1991Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bill Schieman1991Men's55 & OverSingles
William Schieman1991Men's45 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1991Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1991Men's45 & OverSingles
Les Felter1991Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Paajanen1991Men's35 & OverSingles
Jim Earley1991Men's35 & OverDoubles
Sunita Zacharias1991Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Sunita Zacharias1991Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Michele Calderon1991Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Lana Kosovac1991Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Karen Daniels1991Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Allison Campbell1991Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Rachel Calderon1991Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Jessica Kenzie1991Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Anddrea Burnell1991Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Katie Voss1991Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Brianna Oswald1991Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Alexa Hollweg1991Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1991Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Tim Hanchon1991Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Rossow1991Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Chris Rossow1991Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Matt Rossow1991Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jon Kubitz1991Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jason Go1991Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Steve Pillon1991Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Nathan Wilson1991Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Brian Stratton1991Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Victor Lu1991Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Victor Lu1991Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Aaron Paajanen1991Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Kurt Hough1991Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Kim Miller1991Robinson Award
Nick Sousanis1991Mike Clary Award
Kim Miller1992Women'sOpenSingles
Kim Miller1992Women'sOpenDoubles
Eve Kopp1992Women'sOpenDoubles
Trish White1992Women's45 & OverSingles
Susan Kaija1992Women's45 & OverDoubles
Sharon Jackson1992Women's45 & OverDoubles
Pat Thompson1992Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mary Kay Baribeau1992Women's35 & OverDoubles
Daisy Achia1992Women's35 & OverSingles
Glenn Johnson1992MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1992MixedOpenDoubles
Mike Moore1992Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Bonnie Moore1992Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Lezlynne Moore1992Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Fred Moore1992Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Keely Baribeau1992Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Jason Go1992Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Darin Magneson1992Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Anne Boucher1992Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Scott Barrett1992Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1992Men'sOpenSingles
Damon Laplante1992Men'sOpenDoubles
Paul Frank1992Men's65 & OverSingles
John Fuller1992Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bill Schieman1992Men's55 & OverSingles
Bill Schieman1992Men's55 & OverDoubles
Fred Krawczyk1992Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob McLeod1992Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob McLeod1992Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen1992Men's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Henry1992Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Paajanen1992Men's35 & OverSingles
Sarah Chapman1992Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Keely Baribeau1992Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Karen Daniell1992Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Nicole Boyea1992Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Laura Rinn1992Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Kelli Laenan1992Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Rachel Calderon1992Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Laura Henry1992Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Andrea Burnell1992Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Laura Matzka1992Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Christee Chargot1992Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1992Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1992Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Mike Davis1992Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Matt Brown1992Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Adam Mordell1992Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Jeremy Seney1992Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Chris Seney1992Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Chris Seney1992Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Victor Lu1992Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Lee Naplin1992Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jeremy Seney1992Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Mark Walker Jr1992Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Aaron Paajanen1992Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Aaron Paajanen1992Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Wyatt Walker1992Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Jane Pillon1992Robinson Award
Katie Landon1992Mike Clary Award
Kim Miller1993Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1993Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1993Women'sOpenDoubles
Mary Kay Baribeau1993Women's45 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1993Women's45 & OverDoubles
Anne Kahn1993Women's45 & OverSingles
Terry Lamberton1993Women's35 & OverSingles
Pat Thompson1993Women's35 & OverDoubles
Lezlynne Moore1993Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1993MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1993MixedOpenDoubles
Jack Howden1993Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Edith Howden1993Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Lezlyne Moore1993Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Fred Moore1993Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Keely Baribeau1993Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Jason Go1993Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker Jr1993Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Christee Chargot1993Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve McCalmon1993Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1993Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1993Men'sOpenDoubles
Ralph Owen1993Men's65 & OverSingles
William Schieman1993Men's55 & OverSingles
Henry Maylford1993Men's55 & OverDoubles
Fred Moore1993Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Erickson1993Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1993Men's45 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1993Men's45 & OverSingles
Steve Henry1993Men's35 & OverSingles
Frank Sharp1993Men's35 & OverDoubles
Don Cole1993Men's35 & OverDoubles
Michelle Calderon1993Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Megan Lozen1993Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Karen Daniell1993Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Christie Chargot1993Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Christie Chargot1993Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1993Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Traci Whymer1993Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Stacy Schock1993Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Stacy Schock1993Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Katie Reynolds1993Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Joanna Olmstesad1993Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1993Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Joanna Olmstesad1993Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Sibin Zacharias1993Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Shaun Zacharias1993Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Seney1993Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Sunil Achia1993Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Donkers1993Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Graham Heaton1993Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Victor Lu1993Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Mark Walker Jr1993Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jordan Harris1993Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Claridge1993Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Robert Boyea1993Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Kurt Hough1993Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jon Betridge1993Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Damon LaPlante1993Robinson Award
Christee Chargot1993Mike Clary Award
Kim Miller1994Women'sOpenSingles
Kim Miller1994Women'sOpenDoubles
Kari Jaija1994Women'sOpenDoubles
Mary Kay Baribeau1994Women's45 & OverDoubles
Heidi Go1994Women's45 & OverDoubles
Anne Khan1994Women's45 & OverSingles
Pat Thompson1994Women's35 & OverDoubles
Lori Shymko1994Women's35 & OverDoubles
Daisy Achia1994Women's35 & OverSingles
Pat Trapnell1994MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1994MixedOpenDoubles
Jack Howden1994Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Edith Howden1994Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Scott DesJardin1994Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Nancy DesJardin1994Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr1994Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Christee Chargot1994Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Wyatt Walker1994Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Kellen Lynch1994Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve McCalmon1994Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1994Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1994Men'sOpenDoubles
William Schieman1994Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jim Ropposch1994Men's55 & OverDoubles
Fred Riggin1994Men's55 & OverSingles
Fred Krawczyk1994Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob McLeod1994Men's45 & OverDoubles
Al Merelth1994Men's45 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen1994Men's35 & OverSingles
Les Felter1994Men's35 & OverDoubles
Al Merelth1994Men's35 & OverDoubles
Christee Chargot1994Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Christee Chargot1994Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1994Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Traci Whymer1994Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Stacy Schock1994Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1994Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Sarah Heaton1994Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Melissa Shymko1994Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Erin Mathews1994Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Kellen Lynch1994Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Kellen Lynch1994Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Katie Reynolds1994Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Natasha Lipka1994Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Sibin Zacharias1994Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Shaun Zacharias1994Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Cameron Chapman1994Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Mark Walker Jr1994Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jeremy Seney1994Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Aaron Paajanen1994Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Sean Marcy1994Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Robert Boyea1994Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Chris Hall1994Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Steve DeGrow1994Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Seka Kleiman1994Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Patrick McNash1994Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Steve DeGrow1994Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Dave Fredette1994Robinson Award
Joe Raines1994Mike Clary Award
Sandy Barrett1995Women'sOpenDoubles
Kimberly Miller1995Women'sOpenDoubles
Christee Chargot1995Women'sOpenSingles
Trish White1995Women's45 & OverSingles
Trish White1995Women's45 & OverDoubles
Edith Howden1995Women's45 & OverDoubles
Pat Thompson1995Women's35 & OverDoubles
Daisy Achia1995Women's35 & OverSingles
Cathy Colby1995Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve McCalmon1995MixedOpenDoubles
Kimberly Miller1995MixedOpenDoubles
Fleurette Forbes1995Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1995Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Pat Thompson1995Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Jim Earley1995Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr1995Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Christee Chargot1995Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Stacey Smith1995Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Chris Penzien1995Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Natasha Lipka1995Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Kurt Hough1995Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve DeGrow1995Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Kristi Miller1995Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Steve McCalomon1995Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1995Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson1995Men'sOpenDoubles
John Bernard1995Men's65 & OverSingles
Fred Riggin1995Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bill Schieman1995Men's55 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1995Men's55 & OverSingles
Fred Krawczyk1995Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob McLeod1995Men's45 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1995Men's45 & OverSingles
Les Felter1995Men's35 & OverDoubles
Doug Shymko1995Men's35 & OverSingles
Al Meredith1995Men's35 & OverDoubles
Rachel Calderon1995Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Christee Chargot1995Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1995Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Stavy Smith1995Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Laura Matzka1995Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1995Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kristi Rowling1995Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Julie Britz1995Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
JoAnna Olmstead1995Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Natasha Lipka1995Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Kristi Miller1995Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Kristi Miller1995Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Amy Szyndlar1995Girl's10 & UnderSingles
John Weidner1995Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Eden Kleiman1995Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Brian Stratton1995Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Sean Marcy1995Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Marcy1995Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jeremy Seney1995Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Sela Kleiman1995Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Kurt Hough1995Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Darreb Tatoris1995Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Steve DeGrow1995Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Steve DeGrow1995Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Pat McNash1995Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Brian Schubert1995Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Steve McCalmon1995Robinson Award
Steve Pillon1995Mike Clary Award
Mary Boike1996Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1996Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1996Women'sOpenDoubles
Trish White1996Women's45 & OverDoubles
Jan Kelley1996Women's45 & OverSingles
Edith Howden1996Women's45 & OverDoubles
Michel Winfiels1996Women's35 & OverDoubles
Daisy Achia1996Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves1996Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1996MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1996MixedOpenDoubles
Mary Kay Baribeau1996Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Doug Baribeau1996Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Terry Lamberton1996Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy1996Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Stave McNamee1996Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Allison DeGrow1996Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Kellen Lynch1996Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Chris Hall1996Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Neil Dalal1996Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Elana Blackman1996Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Matt Earley1996Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Kelli Miller1996Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Pillon1996Men'sOpenDoubles
Jason Go1996Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson1996Men'sOpenSingles
Jack Overpeck1996Men's65 & OverSingles
Fredd Riggin1996Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bill Schieman1996Men's55 & OverDoubles
Art Smith1996Men's55 & OverSingles
Steve Henry1996Men's45 & OverSingles
Steve Henry1996Men's45 & OverDoubles
Sandy Henry1996Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen1996Men's35 & OverDoubles
David Joy1996Men's35 & OverSingles
AL Meredith1996Men's35 & OverDoubles
Katie Liptak1996Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Andrea Burnell1996Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Amy Strauss1996Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kellen Lynch1996Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kellen Lynch1996Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Katie Reynolds1996Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Brooke Beier1996Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Brooke Beier1996Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Amy Szyndlar1996Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Rachel Merritt1996Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Kelli Miller1996Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Jill Setter1996Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Stephanie Langolf1996Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Kyle Magneson1996Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Darin Magneson1996Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Darin Magneson1996Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Claridge1996Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Rob Boyea1996Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Kurt Hough1996Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Sela Kielman1996Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Sean Mahau1996Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Jon Bettridge1996Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Mike Navarro1996Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Matt Earley1996Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Matt Earley1996Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon1996Boy's10 & UnderSingles
David Joy1996Robinson Award
Grahm Heaton1996Mike Clary Award
Christee Chargot1997Women'sOpenSingles
Christee Chargot1997Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1997Women'sOpenDoubles
Pat Thompson1997Women's45 & OverSingles
Terry Lamberton1997Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Wickens1997Women's35 & OverDoubles
Michele Winfield1997Women's35 & OverSingles
Kari Kaiji1997MixedOpenDoubles
Chris Rossow1997MixedOpenDoubles
Fleurette Forbes1997Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1997Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Pat Wickens1997Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bob Marusahak1997Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Stacey Smtih1997Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Penzien1997Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Rob Boyea1997Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Julia Carolan1997Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Steve DeGrow1997Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Brooke Beier1997Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Dave Uppal1997Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox1997Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Steve Pillon1997Men'sOpenDoubles
Matt Brown1997Men'sOpenSingles
Jason Go1997Men'sOpenDoubles
Jack Overpeck1997Men's65 & OverSingles
Fred Kttowczyk1997Men's55 & OverSingles
Don Capps1997Men's55 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1997Men's55 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen1997Men's45 & OverDoubles
Frank Sharp1997Men's45 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1997Men's45 & OverSingles
Mark Walker1997Men's35 & OverSingles
Les Felter1997Men's35 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1997Men's35 & OverDoubles
Stacy Schock1997Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Kellen Lynch1997Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Katie Reynold1997Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Maelynn Bernoski1997Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Maelynn Bernoski1997Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Kristie Rowling1997Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Melissa Boyea1997Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Brooke Beier1997Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Amy Szyndlar1997Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Jill Setter1997Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Jill Setter1997Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox1997Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Annie Moore1997Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Rob Rossq1997Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Penzien1997Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Chris Penzien1997Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Wyatt Walker1997Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Steve DeGrow1997Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Neil Dalal1997Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Rushi Parikh1997Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Rushi Parikh1997Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Mike Setter1997Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Sarit Khimdas1997Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dave Uppal1997Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dave Thomas1997Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Matt Bartle1997Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Connie Kleeves1997Robinson Award
Chris Penzien1997Mike Clary Award
Mary Boike1998Women'sOpenDoubles
Kiri Kaija1998Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch1998Women'sOpenDoubles
Lezlynne Moore1998Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves1998Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves1998Women's35 & OverDoubles
Kiri Kaija1998MixedOpenDoubles
Chris Rossow1998MixedOpenDoubles
Susan Kaija1998Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1998Mixed45 & OverDoubles
David Joy1998Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Betty Latosinsky1998Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Stacy Schock1998Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Mark Walker Jr1998Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Nondini Chakrabari1998Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Chris Machado1998Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Neal Uppal1998Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Jill Setter1998Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Matt Bartle1998Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Kelli Miller1998Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Nick Sousanis1998Men'sOpenDoubles
Mike Davis1998Men'sOpenSingles
Mike Davis1998Men'sOpenDoubles
Tom Boyea1998Men's65 & OverSingles
Steve Burley1998Men's55 & OverSingles
John Erickson1998Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bob Groff1998Men's55 & OverDoubles
Gary Streltz1998Men's45 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1998Men's45 & OverSingles
Al Meredith1998Men's45 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker1998Men's35 & OverSingles
Mark Walker1998Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jam Paajanen1998Men's35 & OverDoubles
Sarah Jesse1998Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kellen Lynch1998Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Elena Blackman1998Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Katie Beck1998Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Joanna Olmstead1998Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Elena Blackman1998Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Lindsey Moore1998Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Jill Setter1998Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox1998Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Stephanie Langlof1998Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Chantal Forristal1998Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Annie Moore1998Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Chantal Forristal1998Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Rob Boyea1998Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Jashan Valjee1998Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Aaron Paarjhan1998Boy's18 & UnderSingles
William Kiehier1998Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Rob Girvin1998Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Rob Girvin1998Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Matt Gordon1998Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Doug Silpacoff1998Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
David Thomas1998Boy's14 & UnderSingles
David Coate1998Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon1998Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Alex Boyko1998Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jimmy Dixon1998Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Terry Lamberton1998Robinson Award
Kristi Rowling1998Mike Clary Award
Kristi Miller1999Women'sOpenSingles
Kristi Miller1999Women'sOpenDoubles
Alliso DeGrow1999Women'sOpenDoubles
Daisy Achia1999Women's35 & OverSingles
Daisy Achia1999Women's35 & OverDoubles
Betty Latosinsky1999Women's35 & OverDoubles
Pat Trapnell1999MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch1999MixedOpenDoubles
Susan Kaija1999Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Bob Maruschak1999Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Sue Dixon1999Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bob Boyea1999Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Lisa Paajanen1999Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Aaron Paajanen1999Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Neil Uppal1999Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Jill Setter1999Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Dave Uppal1999Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox1999Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Joe Hipp1999Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Jayme Zott1999Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Tim Hanchon1999Men'sOpenDoubles
Chris Rossow1999Men'sOpenSingles
Chris Rossow1999Men'sOpenDoubles
Tom Boyea1999Men's65 & OverSingles
John Borris1999Men's55 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon1999Men's55 & OverDoubles
Ben Boyd1999Men's55 & OverSingles
Ken Bollin1999Men's45 & OverDoubles
Don Zulauf1999Men's45 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith1999Men's45 & OverSingles
Don Cole1999Men's35 & OverDoubles
Damon LaPlante1999Men's35 & OverSingles
Al Meredith1999Men's35 & OverDoubles
Val Stoilova1999Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kellen Lynch1999Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Erin Domke1999Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Melissa Boyea1999Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Maria Noetzel1999Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Jill Setter1999Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Jessica Erickson1999Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Emily Walker1999Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Allison Mattox1999Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Michelle Cousineau1999Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Maddy Bergeron1999Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Chantel Forristal1999Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Sona Parith1999Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Ryan Claridge1999Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Ryan Claridge1999Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Darren Tatoris1999Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Rob Girvin1999Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Rob Girvin1999Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Mike Kiehler1999Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Sarit Khimdas1999Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Dave Uppal1999Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon1999Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Scott Suarez1999Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Matt Bartle1999Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Logan Kinch1999Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jimmy Dixon1999Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Dean Sousanis1999Robinson Award
Steve DeGrow1999Mike Clary Award
Mary Boike2000Women'sOpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2000Women'sOpenSingles
Barb Lynch2000Women'sOpenDoubles
Daisy Achia2000Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2000Women's35 & OverSingles
Betty Latosinsky2000Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2000MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2000MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2000Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy2000Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Sue Dixon2000Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bob Boyd2000Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Nick Ernst2000Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Brooke Beier2000Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon2000Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox2000Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Nichelle Cousineau2000Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
David Uppal2000Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve Pillon2000Men'sOpenSingles
Steve McCalmon2000Men'sOpenDoubles
Glenn Johnson2000Men'sOpenDoubles
Roland Johnson2000Men's65 & OverSingles
Don Capps2000Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bill Schieman2000Men's55 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2000Men's55 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen2000Men's45 & OverSingles
Doug Kennedy2000Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Maruschak2000Men's45 & OverDoubles
Gary Shamaly2000Men's35 & OverSingles
Gary Shamaly2000Men's35 & OverDoubles
Doug Shymko2000Men's35 & OverDoubles
Maelynn Bernosky2000Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kellen Lynch2000Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Christi Rowling2000Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Melissa Boyea2000Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Maria Noetzel2000Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox2000Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Michelle Latosinsky2000Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Annie Moore2000Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Annie Moore2000Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Sona Parikh2000Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Shanley Boike2000Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Sara Demashkleh2000Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Rushi Parikh2000Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Neil Dalal2000Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Neil Dalal2000Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Theo Chiakmakis2000Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Matt Lozen2000Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon2000Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Sarit Khimdas2000Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
David Coate2000Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Dave Uppal2000Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Scott Suarez2000Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Logan Kinch2000Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dylan Young2000Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Joe Grant2000Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Julie Nicholson2000Robinson Award
Brooke Beier2000Mike Clary Award
Val Stoilova2001Women'sOpenSingles
Laura Matzka2001Women'sOpenDoubles
Julie Britz2001Women'sOpenDoubles
Deb Brackenberry2001Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2001Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2001Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2001MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2001MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2001Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy2001Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Deb Brackenberry2001Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Dan Johnson2001Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Rushi Parikh2001Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Ashley Cummins2001Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Shadley Boike2001Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Dave Uppal2001Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Steve McCalmon2001Men'sOpenDoubles
Jason Go2001Men'sOpenSingles
Glenn Johnson2001Men'sOpenDoubles
Bill Schieman2001Men's65 & OverSingles
Don Capps2001Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bob Maruschak2001Men's55 & OverSingles
Bill Schieman2001Men's55 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen2001Men's45 & OverSingles
Doug Kennedy2001Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Maruschak2001Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen2001Men's35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2001Men's35 & OverSingles
Fritz Lepely2001Men's35 & OverDoubles
Rachel Merritt2001Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Melissa Boyea2001Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Emily Walker2001Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Chantel Forristal2001Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Annie Moore2001Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Annie Moore2001Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Shadley Boike2001Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Jayne Zott2001Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Chatherine Bristol2001Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Sarra Demashkieh2001Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Meghan Schopp2001Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Laura Bartle2001Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Lindsey Hopkins2001Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Ryan Kynch2001Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Rob Girvin2001Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon2001Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dave Coate2001Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Dave Coate2001Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon2001Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Scott Suarez2001Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Matt Bartle2001Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Logan Kinch2001Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Joe Grant2001Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Jake Miller2001Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Gino Roncelli2001Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Trevor Loftus2001Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Tom Boyea2001Robinson Award
Dan Gordon2001Mike Clary Award
Joanna Olmstead2002Women'sOpenDoubles
Christee Chargot2002Women'sOpenSingles
Amy Szyndlar2002Women'sOpenDoubles
Debra Brackenberry2002Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2002Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2002Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2002MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2002MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2002Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy2002Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Joan McTevia2002Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2002Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Dan Gordon2002Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Allison Mattox2002Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Joe Grant2002Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Ann Mary Grant2002Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Sean Loftus2002Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Kylie Miller2002Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Tam Daunt2002Men's55 & OverDoubles
John Borris2002Men's55 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2002Men's55 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen2002Men's45 & OverSingles
Doug Kennedy2002Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Marruschak2002Men's45 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2002Men's35 & OverSingles
Fritz Lepley2002Men's35 & OverDoubles
Dan Johsnon2002Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jessica Erickson2002Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Ann Mary Grant2002Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Allison Mattox2002Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kelsie DeGrow2002Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Katie Hesterberg2002Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Amanda Scheer2002Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Shauna MacKenzie2002Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Kylie Miller2002Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2002Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Jana Nakhleh2002Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Matt Earley2002Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dave Coate2002Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Dan Gordon2002Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Sarit Khimdas2002Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Greg McLeod2002Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Dave Coate2002Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Joe Grant2002Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Jake Miller2002Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Gino Roncelli2002Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Mike Wydrzynski2002Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Luis Robles2002Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Joe Grant2002Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Patrck Cansfield2002Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Dan Johnson2002Robinson Award
Mike Navarro2002Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2002OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2002OpenDoubles
Jason Go2002OpenDoubles
Laura Matzka2003Women'sOpenSingles
Laura Matzka2003Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2003Women'sOpenDoubles
Pat Wickens2003Women's45 & OverSingles
Deb Brackenberry2003Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2003Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2003Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2003MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2003MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2003Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Doug Kenndey2003Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Sue Dixon2003Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bob Boyd2003Mixed35 & OverDoubles
David Coate2003Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Autumn Jacobs2003Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Megan Stopcynski2003Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Dylan Young2003Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Patrick Cansfield2003Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Jana Nakhleh2003Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Tom Daunt2003Men's55 & OverDoubles
Robert Maruschak2003Men's55 & OverSingles
John Borris2003Men's55 & OverDoubles
Robert Maruschak2003Men's45 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy2003Men's45 & OverDoubles
David Joy2003Men's45 & OverSingles
Steve McCalmon2003Men's35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2003Men's35 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2003Men's35 & OverSingles
Jessica Erickson2003Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Jessica Erickson2003Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Jacki Dinicu2003Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Michelle Latosinsky2003Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Kelsie DeGrow2003Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Sarra Demashkieh2003Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Emily Decker2003Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2003Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Jana Nakhleh2003Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Courtney Jacobs2003Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Arica Andrews2003Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Rebecca Phyle2003Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Nathan Braun2003Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Matt Earley2003Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Dan Walker2003Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Matt Bartle2003Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Matt Bartle2003Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Greg Johnson2003Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jimmy Dixon2003Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Jimmy Dixon2003Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Chandler Dalenberg2003Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2003Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Trevor Loftus2003Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Patrick Cansfield2003Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Matthew Bulger2003Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Frank Sharp2003Robinson Award
Matt Earley2003Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2003OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2003OpenDoubles
Jason Go2003OpenDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2004Women'sOpenDoubles
Laura Matzka2004Women'sOpenSingles
Kathy Adams2004Women'sOpenDoubles
Pat Thompson2004Women's45 & OverDoubles
Chris Krause2004Women's45 & OverDoubles
Karen Shamaly2004Women's35 & OverDoubles
Deb Brackenberry2004Women's35 & OverDoubles
Chris Krause2004Women's35 & OverSingles
Dan Gordon2004MixedOpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2004MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2004Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy2004Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Sue Dixon2004Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Bob Boyd2004Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Matt Bartle2004Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Katie Hesterberg2004Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Sean Loftus2004Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Elizabeth Clive2004Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2004Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Dakota Williams2004Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Max Turner2004Men's65 & OverSingles
Don Capps2004Men's55 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon2004Men's55 & OverDoubles
Bob Maruschak2004Men's55 & OverSingles
Mark Walker2004Men's45 & OverDoubles
James Hogan2004Men's45 & OverDoubles
Gary Shamaly2004Men's45 & OverSingles
Glenn Johnson2004Men's35 & OverSingles
David Joy2004Men's35 & OverDoubles
David Clutts2004Men's35 & OverDoubles
Gabrielle Gogas2004Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Amanda Scheer2004Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Amanda Scheer2004Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Elizabeth Clive2004Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Ashley Schneider2004Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Ashley Schneider2004Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Jana Nakhleh2004Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Dakota Williams2004Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Nikki Heim2004Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Michelle Fox2004Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2004Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Taylor Sweeney2004Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Matt Bartle2004Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Greg Johnson2004Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Drew Streeter2004Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Joe Grant2004Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Joe Grant2004Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Jimmy Dixon2004Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2004Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Russell Kovar2004Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Alex Latosinsky2004Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Patrick Cansfield2004Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Corey Tynan2004Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Christopher Gaul2004Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Justin Betrus2004Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Laura Matzka2004Robinson Award
Drew Streeter2004Mike Clary Award
Mike Cansfield2004OpenDoubles
Jason Go2004OpenSingles
Jason Go2004OpenDoubles
Laura Matzka2005Women'sOpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2005Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2005Women'sOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2005Women'sOpenSingles
Deb Brackenberry2005Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2005Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2005Women's35 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2005MixedOpenDoubles
Kathy Flynn2005Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Don Capps2005Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Kathy Adams2005Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Dan Johnson2005Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Lindsay Payton2005Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2005Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Art Smith2005Men's65 & OverSingles
Jeff Blackman2005Men's55 & OverSingles
Don Capps2005Men's55 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon2005Men's55 & OverDoubles
Scott Dalenberg2005Men's45 & OverDoubles
Jim Charron2005Men's45 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2005Men's45 & OverSingles
Steve McCalmon2005Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jeff Payton2005Men's35 & OverSingles
Glenn Johnson2005Men's35 & OverDoubles
Katie Hesterberg2005Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Gabrielle Gogas2005Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Ann Grant2005Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Taylor Lees2005Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Shelby Wood2005Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Jana Nakhleh2005Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Rebecca Phyle2005Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2005Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Brittany Banks2005Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Taylor Sweeney2005Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Kelsay Payton2005Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Jule Kovar2005Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Allie Sweeney2005Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Matt Bartle2005Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Matt Bartle2005Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Greg Johnson2005Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Sean Tynan2005Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Mike Wydrzynski2005Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Alex Latosinsky2005Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Trevor Loftus2005Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2005Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Tyler Marengo2005Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Russell Kovar2005Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2005Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Timmy Gaul2005Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Justin Betrus2005Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Justin Betrus2005Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jay Mehta2005Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Don Capps2005Robinson Award
Matt Bartle2005Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2005OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2005OpenDoubles
Steve Pillon2005OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2006Women'sOpenDoubles
Amanda Scheer2006Women'sOpenSingles
Allison DeGrow2006Women'sOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2006Women's45 & OverSingles
Mary Jane Pavlov2006Women's45 & OverDoubles
Cindy Schumacher2006Women's45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2006Women's45 & OverDoubles
Deb Brackenberry2006Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2006Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2006Women's35 & OverDoubles
Kathy Adams2006Women's35 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2006Men's65 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen2006Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jeffrey Blackman2006Men's55 & OverSingles
Frank Sharp2006Men's55 & OverDoubles
Rob Comment2006Men's45 & OverDoubles
Joh Solomon2006Men's45 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2006Men's45 & OverSingles
Mike Kleeves2006Men's45 & OverDoubles
Steve McCalmon2006Men's35 & OverDoubles
Jim Paajanen2006Men's35 & OverDoubles
Fritz Lepley2006Men's35 & OverSingles
Carl Preston2006Men's35 & OverDoubles
Dakota Williams2006Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Courtney Heilman2006Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2006Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Gabrielle Gogas2006Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kelsey Leveille2006Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Heather Hillman2006Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Emily Decker2006Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2006Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Rebecca Phyle2006Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Rebecca Phyle2006Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Jule Kovar2006Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Rebecca Phyle2006Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Taylor Sweeney2006Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Nancy Cassidy2006Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Lauren Warsinski2006Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Lizzie Brozovich2006Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Joe Grant2006Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Steve Hall2006Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2006Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Jamie West2006Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
David LaBelle2006Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2006Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Justin Betrus2006Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Chris Grain2006Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Chris Gaul2006Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Justin Betrus2006Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Timmy Gaul2006Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Ishan Mehta2006Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Cameron Britz2006Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Victor Flynn2006Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Mitch Bulger2006Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Jeffrey Blackman2006Robinson Award
Andrew Smith2006Mike Clary Award
Mike Cansfield2006OpenDoubles
Jason Go2006OpenDoubles
Jason Go2006OpenSingles
Dave Clutts2006OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2006OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2007Women'sOpenDoubles
Amy Szyndlar2007Women'sOpenSingles
Amy Szyndlar2007Women'sOpenDoubles
Michele Winfield2007Women's55 & OverDoubles
Kathy Comment2007Women's55 & OverDoubles
Jane Penzien2007Women's55 & OverDoubles
Terry Lamberton2007Women's45 & OverSingles
Michele Winfield2007Women's45 & OverDoubles
Betty Latosinsky2007Women's45 & OverDoubles
Deb Brackenbury2007Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2007Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2007Women's35 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2007MixedOpenDoubles
Steve Pillon2007MixedOpenDoubles
Don Capps2007Men's65 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon2007Men's65 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2007Men's65 & OverSingles
Tom Daunt2007Men's55 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen2007Men's55 & OverDoubles
Frank Sharp2007Men's55 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith2007Men's55 & OverSingles
Scott DesJardin2007Men's45 & OverSingles
Mark Walker2007Men's45 & OverDoubles
Jim Paajanen2007Men's45 & OverDoubles
Tom Brozovich2007Men's35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2007Men's35 & OverDoubles
Dave Brown2007Men's35 & OverSingles
Kelsey Leveille2007Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Dakota Williams2007Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Cortney Heileman2007Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Cortney Heileman2007Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kristina Polakovic2007Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Jule Kovar2007Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Brittany Banks2007Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Becca Phyle2007Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Taylor Sweeney2007Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Kristina Polakovic2007Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Bobbi Enos2007Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Becca Phyle2007Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Rae Brozovich2007Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Lizzie Brozovich2007Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Lizzie Brozovich2007Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Lizzie Brozovich2007Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Meg Phyle2007Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Russell Kovar2007Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Mike Wydrzynski2007Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Joe Grant2007Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Andrew Gaul2007Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Tyler Marengo2007Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Corey Tynan2007Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Aaron Yurkewich2007Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Aaron Adams2007Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
William Gaul2007Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Tim Gual2007Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Tim Gaul2007Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Tim Gaul2007Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
John Vanderheuvel2007Boy's12 & UnderSingles
John VanderHeuvel2007Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Connor Johnston2007Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Connor Johnston2007Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chris Adams2007Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Steve Pillon2007Robinson Award
Alex Latosinsky2007Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2007OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2007OpenDoubles
Alex Latosinsky2007OpenDoubles
Laura Wickens2008Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2008Women'sOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2008Women'sOpenSingles
Laura Fox2008Women's45 & OverSingles
Deb Brackenbury2008Women's45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2008Women's45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2008Women's35 & OverSingles
Cathy Young2008Women's35 & OverDoubles
Betty Latosinsky2008Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steven Pillon2008MixedOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2008MixedOpenDoubles
Judy Billand2008Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon2008Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2008Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2008Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker2008Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2008Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Tyler Marengo2008Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Mizzy Mariani2008Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Justin Betrus2008Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Becca Phyle2008Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Lizzy Brozovich2008Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Connor Johnston2008Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Don Capps2008Men's65 & OverDoubles
Dave Sawdon2008Men's65 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2008Men's65 & OverSingles
Jack Moore2008Men's55 & OverSingles
Jack Moore2008Men's55 & OverDoubles
Alan Meredith2008Men's55 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker2008Men's45 & OverDoubles
Jim Charron2008Men's45 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2008Men's45 & OverSingles
Steve McCalmon2008Men's35 & OverDoubles
Gordie Farnsworth2008Men's35 & OverSingles
Glenn Johnson2008Men's35 & OverDoubles
Taylor Lees2008Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kesley Leveille2008Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Becca Phyle2008Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Taylor Sweeney2008Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Becca Phlye2008Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Abby Shonk2008Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Allie Sweeney2008Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Allie Sweeney2008Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Abby Shonk2008Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Franni Basha2008Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Allison Kennedy2008Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Tyler Marengo2008Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Corey Tynan2008Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Aaron Adams2008Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Zade Alsawah2008Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Justin Betrus2008Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Justin Betrus2008Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
John Vanderheuvel2008Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
David Hopp2008Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Andrew Cansfield2008Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Connor Johnston2008Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Connor Johnston2008Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chris Adams2008Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Franklin Brozovich2008Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Trish Gogas2008Robinson Award
Jana Nakhleh2008Mike Clary Award
Jeff Cook200810 Yr Recognition
Dawn Mattox200810 Yr Recognition
Dave Wickens200810 Yr Recognition
Steven Pillon2008OpenSingles
Steven Pillon2008OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2008OpenDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2009Women'sOpenDoubles
Emily Decker2009Women'sOpenDoubles
Amanda Giffin2009Women'sOpenSingles
Kathy Comment2009Women's55 & OverDoubles
Jane Penzien2009Women's55 & OverDoubles
Terry Lamberton2009Women's45 & OverSingles
Michele Winfield2009Women's45 & OverDoubles
Betty Latosinsky2009Women's45 & OverDoubles
Kathy Flynn2009Women's35 & OverDoubles
Judy Bigham2009Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2009Women's35 & OverSingles
Annie Moore2009MixedOpenDoubles
Alex Latosinsky2009MixedOpenDoubles
Judy Biland2009Mixed55 & OverDoubles
David Sawdon2009Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Kathy Adams2009Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Kathy Adams2009Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Daniel Johnson2009Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2009Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Michael Cansfield2009Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mizzy Mariani2009Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Justin Betrus2009Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Cansfield2009Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Abby Shonk2009Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Meg Phyle2009Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
John Betrus2009Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Erwin Gampp2009Men's65 & OverSingles
Don Capps2009Men's65 & OverDoubles
David Sawdon2009Men's65 & OverDoubles
Steve Chandler2009Men's55 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith2009Men's55 & OverSingles
Al Meredith2009Men's55 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2009Men's45 & OverDoubles
David Joy2009Men's45 & OverDoubles
Damon LaPlante2009Men's45 & OverSingles
Steve McClamon2009Men's35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2009Men's35 & OverDoubles
Carl Preston2009Men's35 & OverSingles
Taylor Sweeney2009Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Alexa Sweeney2009Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Alexa Sweeney2009Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Abby Shonk2009Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Meg Phyle2009Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Lizzie Brozovich2009Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Alexis Wirtz2009Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Maggie Bacheller2009Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Clair Brooks2009Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Tyler Kinch2009Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Timothy Gaul2009Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Grain2009Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Timothy Gaul2009Boy's16 & UnderSingles
John VanderHeuvel2009Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Cansfield2009Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Sean Pigeon2009Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
JohnPaul Pigeon2009Boy's14 & UnderSingles
JohnPaul Pigeon2009Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Noah Steinhauer2009Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Isaiah Rousey2009Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Franco Sproverio2009Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Alex Acker2009Boy's10 & UnderSingles
James Charron2009Robinson Award
Tyler Kinch2009Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2009OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2009OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2009OpenDoubles
Laura Wickens2010Women'sOpenDoubles
Barb Lynch2010Women'sOpenDoubles
Abby Shonk2010Women'sOpenSingles
Terry Lamberton2010Women's55 & OverDoubles
Gail Furlan2010Women's55 & OverDoubles
Kathleen Johns2010Women's45 & OverSingles
Debbie Brackenberry2010Women's45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2010Women's45 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2010Women's35 & OverDoubles
Kathy Adams2010Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2010Women's35 & OverSingles
Annie Moore2010MixedOpenDoubles
Alex Latosinsky2010MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2010Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Doug Kennedy2010Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2010Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2010Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2010Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2010Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Justin Betrus2010Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Abby Shonk2010Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Chris Adams2010Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Allie Sweeney2010Mixed16 & UnderMixed Doubles
Michael Coleman2010Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Alexis Wirtz2010Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Erwinn Gampp2010Men's65 & OverDoubles
Erwin Gampp2010Men's65 & OverSingles
Art Smith2010Men's65 & OverDoubles
Tim Lozen2010Men's55 & OverDoubles
Meredith Al2010Men's55 & OverSingles
Al Meredith2010Men's55 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2010Men's45 & OverDoubles
David Joy2010Men's45 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2010Men's45 & OverSingles
Scott Comment2010Men's35 & OverSingles
Mike Cansfield2010Men's35 & OverDoubles
Glenn Johnson2010Men's35 & OverDoubles
Allie Sweeney2010Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Allie Sweeney2010Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Abby Shonk2010Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Rae Brozovich2010Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Nancy Cassidy2010Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Alexis Wirtz2010Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Sarah Barry2010Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Sarah Prohaszka2010Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Monika Polakovic2010Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Brenna Knust2010Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Grace Whitney2010Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Tim Gaul2010Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Paul Leveille2010Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Kyle MacDonald2010Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Sean Michael Pigeon2010Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
John Paul Pigeon2010Boy's16 & UnderSingles
John Paul Pigeon2010Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Connor Johnston2010Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Chris Adams2010Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Chris Adams2010Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
John Betrus2010Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Alex Acker2010Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Gabe Brown2010Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Betty Latosinsky2010Robinson Award
Corey Tynan2010Mike Clary Award
Steven Pillon2010OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2010OpenDoubles
Brandon MacDonald2010OpenSingles
Emily Decker2011Women'sOpenSingles
Tiffany Odlum2011Women'sOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2011Women'sOpenDoubles
Mary Bruce2011Women's55 & OverDoubles
Jane Penzien2011Women's55 & OverDoubles
Libby Thompson2011Women's45 & OverSingles
Alice Mariani2011Women's35 & OverSingles
Libby Thompson2011Women's35 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2011Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2011MixedOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2011MixedOpenDoubles
Mary Bruce2011Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Al Wright2011Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Dan Johnson2011Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Joan McTevia2011Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2011Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2011Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Connor McCalmon2011Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Rae Brozovich2011Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Maggie Bachelor2011Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Luke Ingles2011Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Noah Steinhauer2011Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2011Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Tim Lozen2011Men's65 & OverSingles
Art Smith2011Men's65 & OverDoubles
Erwin Gampp2011Men's65 & OverDoubles
Al Meredith2011Men's55 & OverSingles
Tim Lozen2011Men's55 & OverDoubles
Dan Johnson2011Men's55 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2011Men's45 & OverSingles
Brian Slonac2011Men's45 & overDoubles
Andrew Schrand2011Men's45 & OverDoubles
Scott Comment2011Men's35 & OverSingles
David Joy2011Men's35 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2011Men's35 & OverDoubles
Danielle Slonac2011Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Madison Neaton2011Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Jenna Brettschneider2011Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Maggie Bachelor2011Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Clara Rastin2011Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Catherine Rastin2011Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2011Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Sydney Sepsey2011Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Tim Gaul2011Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Tim Gaul2011Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Paul Leveille2011Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Canfield2011Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Tyler Wright2011Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Darren Wong2011Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Luke Ingles2011Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Andrew Davies2011Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Nishaan Makim2011Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Paul Brettschneider2011Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Adam Steinhauer2011Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Fred Moore2011Robinson Award
Brittany Banks2011Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2011OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2011OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2011OpenDoubles
Taylor Sweeney2012Women'sOpenSingles
Allie Sweeney2012Women'sOpenDoubles
Taylor Sweeney2012Women'sOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2012Women's55 & OverSingles
Gail Furlan2012Women's55 & OverDoubles
Terry Lamberton2012Women's55 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2012Women's45 & OverSingles
Barb Lynch2012Women's45 & OverDoubles
Trish Gogas2012Women's45 & OverDoubles
Kathy Patterson2012Women's35 & OverSingles
Kathy Adams2012Women's35 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2012Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2012MixedOpenDoubles
Amy Szyndlar2012MixedOpenDoubles
Mary Bruce2012Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Greg Gale2012Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2012Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2012Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2012Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2012Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Chris Adams2012Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Allie Sweeney2012Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Franklin Brozovich2012Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Alexis Wirtz2012Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Seth Pinnoo-Claire Brooks2012Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2012Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2012Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Andrea Hartman2012Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Erwin Gampp2012Men's65 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2012Men's65 & OverDoubles
Erwin Gampp2012Men's65 & OverSingles
Jeff Blackman2012Men's55 & OverSingles
Glenn Jonnson2012Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jeff Blackman2012Men's55 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2012Men's45 & OverSingles
Doug Shymko2012Men's35 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2012Men's35 & OverDoubles
Carl Preston2012Men's35 & OverSingles
Rae Brozovich2012Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Mysha Bryan2012Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Danielle Slonac2012Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Sarah Barry2012Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Alexis Writz2012Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Franni Basha2012Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Clara Rastin2012Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Catherine Rastin2012Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2012Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Isabella Murray2012Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Ainsley Kinney2012Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Jonn VanderHuevel2012Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Chris Adams2012Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Conner Johnson2012Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Jonn Betrus2012Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Franklin Brozovich2012Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Franklin Brozovich2012Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Zach Nimbach2012Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Gabe Brown2012Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Seth Pinnoo2012Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Seth Pinnoo2012Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Andrew Davies2012Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Gabe Ferguson2012Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2012Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Brian Slonac2012Robinson Award
Taylor Sweeney2012Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2012OpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2012OpenDoubles
Matt Bulger2012OpenSingles
Taylor Sweeney2013Women'sOpenSingles
Lizzie Brozovich2013Women'sOpenDoubles
Abby Shonk2013Women'sOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2013Women's55 & OverDoubles
Gail Furlan2013Women's55 & OverSingles
Gail Furlan2013Women's55 & OverDoubles
Lezlynne Moore2013Women's45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2013Women's45 & OverDoubles
Kim Miller2013Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2013Women's35 & OverSingles
Barb Lynch2013Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr2013MixedOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2013MixedOpenDoubles
Terry Lamberton2013Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Gary Gorski2013Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Steve McCalmon2013Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2013Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2013Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Dave Brown2013Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Andrew Cansfield2013Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Amy Tseng2013Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Seth Pinnoo2013Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2013Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Isabella Murray2013Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2013Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Jillian Brooks2013Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Eli Pinnoo2013Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Erwin Gampp2013Men's65 & OverSingles
Jeff Blackman2013Men's55 & OverSingles
Erwin Gampp2013Men's55 & OverDoubles
Art Smith2013Men's55 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2013Men's45 & OverSingles
Jamie Hepting2013Men's35 & OverDoubles
Chris Flann2013Men's35 & OverDoubles
Carl Preston2013Men's35 & OverSingles
Maggie Bachellor2013Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Amy Tseng2013Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Amy Tseng2013Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Danielle Slonac2013Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Danielle Slonac2013Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Ally Kennedy2013Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Jamie Tang-Smith2013Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Isabella Murray2013Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2013Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Sydney Sepsey2013Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Jillian Brooks2013Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Isabella Murray2013Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Ainsley Kinney2013Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Jay Mehta2013Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Ishan Mehta2013Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Franklin Brozovich2013Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Alex Dusza2013Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Gabe Brown2013Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Eli Pinnoo2013Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2013Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2013Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Eli Pinnoo2013Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Derek Distelrath2013Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Jaxon Bore2013Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Mike Ziegler2013Robinson Award
Luke Ingles2013Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2013OpenSingles
Steve Pillon2013OpenDoubles
Mark Walker Jr2013OpenDoubles
Taylor Sweeney2014Women'sOpenDoubles
Allie Sweeney2014Women'sOpenSingles
Allie Sweeney2014Women'sOpenDoubles
Mary Bruce2014Women's45 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2014Women's35 & OverSingles
Connie Kleeves2014Women's35 & OverDoubles
Betty Latosinsky2014Women's35 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr2014MixedOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2014MixedOpenDoubles
Laura Bassier2014Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Bob Boyd2014Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Steve McCalmon2014Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2014Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tracy Mosurak2014Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2014Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Connor Johnston2014Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Amy Tseng2014Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Grace Whitney2014Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Abhishek Tekumulla2014Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Isabella Murray2014Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2014Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2014Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Anika Tekumulla2014Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Tim Lozen2014Men's65 & OverDoubles
Marc Sylvester2014Men's65 & OverDoubles
Erwin Gampp2014Men's65 & OverSingles
Jeff Blackman2014Men's55 & OverSingles
Dan Johnson2014Men's45 & OverDoubles
Bob Boyd2014Men's45 & OverSingles
Bob Boyd2014Men's45 & OverDoubles
Mike Kleeves2014Men's35 & OverDoubles
Carl Preston2014Men's35 & OverSingles
Carl Preston2014Men's35 & OverDoubles
Monika Polakovic2014Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Danielle Slonac2014Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Danielle Slonac2014Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Marissa Hartman2014Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Grace Whitney2014Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Grace Whitney2014Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Sydney Sepsey2014Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Casey Smith2014Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Anusha Tekumulla2014Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Anika Tekumulla2014Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Seth Pinnoo2014Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Gabe Brown2014Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Gabe Brown2014Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Julian Luce2014Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Eli Pinnoo2014Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2014Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2014Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Iam Pinnoo2014Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Derek Distelrath2014Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Derek Distelrath2014Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Beth Grieve2014Robinson Award
Connor Johnston2014Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2014OpenSingles
Franklin Brozovich2014OpenDoubles
Connor Johnston2014OpenDoubles
Taylor Sweeney2015Women'sOpenDoubles
Allie Sweeney2015Women'sOpenDoubles
Julie Rock2015Women's45 & OverDoubles
Carrie Smith2015Women's45 & OverDoubles
Laura Wickens2015Women's35 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2015Women's35 & OverSingles
Barb Lynch2015Women's35 & OverDoubles
Allie Sweeney2015Women'sOpenSingles
Mark Walker Jr2015MixedOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2015MixedOpenDoubles
Dan Johnson2015Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2015Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2015Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Jason Go2015Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Nishaan Makim2015Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2015Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Grace Whitney2015Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Abhishek Tekumulla2015Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Jamy Brooks2015Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2015Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Will Beauchamp2015Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Livvy Heithoff2015Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Tino Dibattista2015Men's55 & OverSingles
John Anderson2015Men's55 & OverDoubles
Jeff Blackman2015Men's55 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2015Men's45 & OverSingles
Scott Comment2015Men's35 & OverDoubles
Scott Comment2015Men's35 & OverSingles
Jamie Hepting2015Men's35 & OverDoubles
Isabella Murray2015Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2015Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Breana Knust2015Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Sydney Sepsey2015Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Margaret Smith2015Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Jillian Brooks2015Girl's16 & UnderDoubles
Casey Smith2015Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Casey Smith2015Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Carly Smith2015Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Anusha Tekemulla2015Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Livvy Heithoff2015Girl's10 & UnderDoubles
Lily VanHowe2015Girl's10 & UnderDoubles
Ashlyn Kinney2015Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Luke Ingles2015Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Gabe Brown2015Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Gabe Brown2015Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Seth Pinnoo2015Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Seth Pinnoo2015Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
John Betrus2015Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Neehal Tumma2015Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Ian Pinnoo2015Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Derek Distelrath2015Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Derek Distelrath2015Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Ryan Davies2015Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Elliot Whitney2015Boy's10 & UnderDoubles
Dylan Distelrath2015Boy's10 & UnderDoubles
Steve Pillon2015OpenDoubles
Steve Pillon2015OpenSingles
Pjotr Necajavs2015OpenDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2016Women'sOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2016Women'sOpenDoubles
Allie Sweeney2016Women'sOpenSingles
Mary Bruce2016Women's55 & OverDoubles
Gloria Odlum2016Women's55 & OverDoubles
Alice Mariani2016Women's45 & UnderSingles
Connie Kleeves2016Women's35 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2016Women's35 & OverDoubles
Steve Pillon2016MixedOpenDoubles
Brooke Beier2016MixedOpenDoubles
Julie Rock2016Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Greg Gale2016Mixed55 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker2016Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2016Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2016Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Dave Brown2016Mixed35 & OverDoubles
Grace Whitney2016Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Abhishek Tekumulla2016Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Isabella Muray2016Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2016Mixed16 & UnderDoubles
Jamy Brooks2016Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2016Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Kylie Bhesania2016Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Elijah Brown2016Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Dylan Distelrath2016Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Ashlyn Kinney2016Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Rick Scavarda2016Men's65 & OverDoubles
Mike Ziegler2016Men's65 & OverDoubles
Erwin Gampp2016Men's65 & OverSingles
Mike Monohan2016Men's55 & OverDoubles
Michael Monahan2016Men's55 & OverSingles
Brian Slonac2016Men's55 & OverDoubles
Fritz Lepley2016Men's45 & OverDoubles
Dave Mitro2016Men's45 & OverSingles
Dan Johnson2016Men's45 & OverDoubles
Scott Comment2016Men's35 & OverSingles
Mike Kleeves2016Men's35 & OverDoubles
Carl Preston2016Men's35 & OverDoubles
Isabella Murray2016Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Isabella Murray2016Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Claire Brooks2016Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Casey Smith2016Girl's16 & UnderSingles
Lauren Fullerton2016Girl's14 & UnderSingles
Casey Smith2016Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Carly Smith2016Girl's14 & UnderDoubles
Kristen Kenaya2016Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Hadley Schwarz2016Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Carly Smith2016Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Phoebe Muir2016Girl's10 & UnderDoubles
Ashlyn Kinney2016Girl's10 & UnderSingles
Amara Makim2016Girl's10 & UnderDoubles
Nishaan Makim2016Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
John Betrus2016Boy's18 & UnderSingles
John Betrus2016Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Eli Pinnoo2016Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Andrew Davies2016Boy's16 & UnderSingles
Andrew Davies2016Boy's16 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2016Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Derek Distelrath2016Boy's14 & UnderSingles
Derek Distelrath2016Boy's14 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Davies2016Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Preston Lee2016Boy's10 & UnderDoubles
Dylan Distelrath2016Boy's10 & UnderDoubles
Divyesh Bhargava2016Boy's10 & UnderSingles
Alice Mariani2016Robinson Award
Grace Whitney2016Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2016OpenDoubles
Matt Wise2016OpenDoubles
Franklin Brozovich2016OpenSingles
Tiffany Odlum2017Women'sOpenDoubles
Grace Whitney2017Women'sOpenSingles
Annie Moore2017Women'sOpenDoubles
Michele Winfield2017Women's45 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2017Women's45 & OverDoubles
Tracy Carleton2017Women's30 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2017Women's30 & OverDoubles
Connie Kleeves2017Women's30 & OverSingles
Nathan Ponton2017MixedOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2017MixedOpenDoubles
Jeffrey Blackman2017Mixed60 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2017Mixed60 & OverDoubles
Tracy Carleton2017Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2017Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2017Mixed30 & OverDoubles
Jason Go2017Mixed30 & OverDoubles
Derek Distelrath2017Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Casey Smith2017Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Davies2017Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Hadley Schwarz2017Mixed14 & UnderDoubles
Tej Patel2017Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Tej Patel2017Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Carissa Bauer2017Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Carissa Bauer2017Mixed10 & UnderDoubles
Tino Dibattista2017Men's60 & OverDoubles
Tino Dibattista2017Men's60 & OverDoubles
John Johnson2017Men's60 & OverDoubles
John Johnson2017Men's60 & OverDoubles
Jeffrey Blackman2017Men's60 & OverSingles
Jeffrey Blackman2017Men's60 & OverSingles
Fritz Lepley2017Men's45 & OverSingles
Fritz Lepely2017Men's45 & OverSingles
Brian Slonac2017Men's45 & OverDoubles
Brian Slonac2017Men's45 & OverDoubles
Andrew Schrand2017Men's45 & OverDoubles
Andrew Schrand2017Men's45 & OverDoubles
Scott Comment2017Men's30 & OverDoubles
Scott Comment2017Men's30 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr2017Men's30 & OverSingles
Mark Walker Jr2017Men's30 & OverSingles
Gordon Farnsworth2017Men's30 & OverDoubles
Gordon Farnsworth2017Men's30 & OverDoubles
Sydney Sepsey2017Girl's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Sydney Sepsey2017Girl's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Jillian Brooks2017Girl's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Jillian Brooks2017Girl's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Casey Smith2017Girl's18 & Under TournamentSingles
Casey Smith2017Girl's18 & Under TournamentSingles
Carly Smith2017Girl's14 & Under TournamentSingles
Carly Smith2017Girl's14 & Under TournamentSingles
Anusha Tekumulla2017Girl's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Anusha Tekumulla2017Girl's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Annika Tekumulla2017Girl's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Ammika Tekumulla2017Girl's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Phoebe Muir2017Girl's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Phoebe Muir2017Girl's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Livvy Heithoff2017Girl's14 & Under ClubSingles
Livvy Heithoff2017Girl's14 & Under ClubSingles
Amara Makim2017Girl's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Amara Makim2017Girl's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Haylee Mills2017Girl's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Haylee Mills2017Girl's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Carissa Bauer2017Girl's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Carissa Bauer2017Girl's10 & Under GreenSingles
Carissa Bauer2017Girl's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Carissa Bauer2017Girl's10 & Under GreenSingles
Seth Pinnoo2017Boy's18 & Under TournamentSingles
Seth Pinnoo2017Boy's18 & Under TournamentSingles
Eli Pinnoo2017Boy's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Eli Pinnoo2017Boy's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Andrew Davies2017Boy's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Andrew Davies2017Boy's18 & Under TournamentDoubles
Ryan Davies2017Boy's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Ryan Davies2017Boy's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2017Boy's14 & Under TournamentSingles
Ian Pinnoo2017Boy's14 & Under TournamentSingles
Aditya Damani2017Boy's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Aditya Damani2017Boy's14 & Under TournamentDoubles
Elijah Brown2017Boy's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Elijah Brown2017Boy's14 & Under ClubSingles
Elijah Brown2017Boy's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Elijah Brown2017Boy's14 & Under ClubSingles
Dylan Distelrath2017Boy's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Dylan Distelrath2017Boy's14 & Under ClubDoubles
Macauley Douglas2017Boy's10 & Under OrangeSingles
Macauley Douglas2017Boy's10 & Under OrangeSingles
Tej Patel2017Boy's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Tej Patel2017Boy's10 & Under GreenSingles
Tej Patel2017Boy's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Tej Patel2017Boy's10 & Under GreenSingles
Preston Lee2017Boy's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Preston Lee2017Boy's10 & Under GreenDoubles
Dave Brown2017Robinson Award
Seth Pinnoo2017Mike Clary Award
Claire Brooks2017Mike Clary Award
Art Smith201760th Year/60 Consecutive Years Played
Steve Pillon2017OpenDoubles
Nathan Ponton2017OpenSingles
Matt Wise2017OpenDoubles
Grace Whitney2018Women'sOpenDoubles
Allie Sweeney2018Women'sOpenDoubles
Allie Sweeney2018Women'sOpenSingles
Lynn Heithoff2018Women's45 & OverDoubles
Jen Douglas2018Women's45 & OverDoubles
Kellen Elliott2018Women's30 & OverDoubles
Emily Herbert2018Women's30 & OverSingles
Barb Lynch2018Women's30 & OverDoubles
Nathan Ponton2018MixedOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2018MixedOpenDoubles
Jeffrey Blackman2018Mixed60 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2018Mixed60 & OverDoubles
Tracy Carleton2018Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2018Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2018Mixed30 & OverDoubles
Dave Brown2018Mixed30 & OverDoubles
Derek Distelrath2018Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Casey Smith2018Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Davies2018Mixed15 & UnderDoubles
Hadley Schwarz2018Mixed15 & UnderDoubles
Divyesh Bhargava2018Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Anna Esztegar2018Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Tino Dibattista2018Men's60 & OverSingles
Tino Dibattista2018Men's60 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2018Men's45 & OverDoubles
Carl Preston2018Men's45 & OverSingles
Carl Preston2018Men's45 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr2018Men's30 & OverSingles
Justin Peshke2018Men's30 & OverDoubles
Jason Go2018Men's30 & OverDoubles
Jamy Brooks2018Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Isabella Leon Flann2018Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Casey Smith2018Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Kristen Kenaya2018Girl's15 & UnderDoubles
Hadley Schwarz2018Girl's15 & UnderDoubles
Elle Nicholson2018Girl's15 & UnderSingles
Lily Vanhowe2018Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Hadley Schwarz2018Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Carissa Bauer2018Girl's12 & UnderDoubles
Liam Beck2018Coed10 & Under OrangeSingles
Chinmay Damani2018Coed10 & Under GreenSingles
Zishan Lal2018Coed10 & UnderDoubles/Mixed
Macauley Douglas2018Coed10 & UnderDoubles/Mixed
Eli Pinnoo2018Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Derek Distelrath2018Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Andrew Davies2018Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Davies2018Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Ryan Davies2018Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Aditya Damani2018Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Tej Patel2018Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Dylan Distelrath2018Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Chinmay Damani2018Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Tim Lozen2018Service & Dedication
Gary Gorski2018Robinson Award
Andrew Davies2018Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2018OpenDoubles
Nathan Ponton2018OpenSingles
Matt Wise2018OpenDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2019Women'sOpenDoubles
Annie Moore2019Women'sOpenDoubles
Allison McConnell2019Women'sOpenSingles
Lisa Higgins2019Women's45 & OverDoubles
Catherine Leon2019Women's45 & OverDoubles
Kim Miller2019Women's30 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2019Women's30 & OverDoubles
Emily Herbert2019Women's30 & OverSingles
Steve Pillon2019MixedOpenDoubles
Tiffany Odlum2019MixedOpenDoubles
Jeff Blackman2019Mixed60 & OverDoubles
Barb Lynch2019Mixed60 & OverDoubles
Jamie Hepting2019Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Megan Barnes2019Mixed45 & OverDoubles
Jason Go2019Mixed30 & OverDoubles
Kristina Kinney2019Mixed30 & OverDoubles
Jamy Brooks2019Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2019Mixed18 & UnderDoubles
Elijah Brown2019Mixed15 & UnderDoubles
Molly Rossow2019Mixed15 & UnderDoubles
Preston Lee2019Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Carissa Bauer2019Mixed12 & UnderDoubles
Morgan Pillon2019Mixed10 & Under OrangeDoubles
Austin Pillon2019Mixed10 & Under OrangeDoubles
Jim Charron2019Men's60 & OverDoubles
Dan Johnson2019Men's60 & OverDoubles
George Diehl2019Men's60 & OverSingles
Carl Preston2019Men's45 & OverDoubles
Mike Cansfield2019Men's45 & OverDoubles
Gordie Farnsworth2019Men's45 & OverSingles
Gordie Farnsworth2019Men's30 & OverDoubles
Scott Comment2019Men's30 & OverDoubles
Mark Walker Jr2019Men's30 & OverSingles
Hadley Schwarz2019Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Kristen Kenaya2019Girl's18 & UnderDoubles
Jamy Brooks2019Girl's18 & UnderSingles
Livvy Heithoff2019Girl's15 & UnderDoubles
Ashlyn Kinney2019Girl's15 & UnderDoubles
Amanda Dosey2019Girl's15 & UnderSingles
Brooke Nicholson2019Girl's12 & UnderSingles
Cameron Douglas2019Coed14 & Under GreenSingles
Morgan Pillon2019Coed10 & Under OrangeDoubles
Isabella Evenson2019Coed10 & Under OrangeDoubles
Morgan Pillon2019Coed10 & Under OrangeSingles
Ryan Davies2019Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Aditya Damani2019Boy's18 & UnderDoubles
Ian Pinnoo2019Boy's18 & UnderSingles
Elijah Brown2019Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Divyesh Bhargava2019Boy's15 & UnderDoubles
Elijah Brown2019Boy's15 & UnderSingles
Tej Patel2019Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chinmay Damani2019Boy's12 & UnderDoubles
Chinmay Damani2019Boy's12 & UnderSingles
Jen Douglas2019Robinson Award
Elijah Brown2019Mike Clary Award
Steve Pillon2019OpenDoubles
Matt Wise2019OpenDoubles
Steve Pillon2019OpenSingles
Molly Rossow2021Women'sSinglesHalep G/W6
Sheri Faust2021Women'sSinglesPliskova WS
Laura Wickens2021Women'sDoublesAzarenka W1D
Julie Cooper2021Women'sDoublesAzarenka W1D
Beth Tseng2021Women'sDoublesKerber W2D
Lynn Vandenbossche2021Women'sDoublesKerber W2D
Sarah Touma2021Women'sDoublesKeys W3D
Sheri Faust2021Women'sDoublesKeys W3D
Diane Neaton2021Women'sDoublesBencic W4D
Amy Walton2021Women'sDoublesBencic W4D
Molly Rossow2021Women'sDoublesStephens WChamp
Jenna Redmile2021Women'sDoublesStephens WChamp
Chris Monroy2021MixedDoublesWilson Jr1Mxd Orange
Elizabeth Monroy2021MixedDoublesWilson Jr1Mxd Orange
Grayson Coughlin2021MixedDoublesHead Jr2Mxd Green
Uma Vogan2021MixedDoublesHead Jr2Mxd Green
Cameron Douglas2021MixedDoublesBabolat Jr3Mxd
Morgan Pillon2021MixedDoublesBabolat Jr3Mxd
Nick Robbins2021MixedDoublesGamma Jr4Mxd
Avery McElroy2021MixedDoublesGamma Jr4Mxd
Quinn Schwarz2021MixedDoublesPenn Jr5Mxd
Katie Touma2021MixedDoublesPenn Jr5Mxd
Michael Mascarin2021MixedDoublesDunlop Jr6Mxd
Jenna Redmile2021MixedDoublesDunlop Jr6Mxd
Derek Distelrath2021MixedDoublesAustralian Open A1Mxd
Tiffany Odlum2021MixedDoublesAustralian Open A1Mxd
Brett Lynch2021MixedDoublesFrench Open A2Mxd
Kellen Elliott2021MixedDoublesFrench Open A2Mxd
Dave Czech2021MixedDoublesWimbledon A3Mxd
Rene Lichota2021MixedDoublesWimbledon A3Mxd
Steve Foster2021MixedDoublesUS Open A4Mxd
Julie Cooper2021MixedDoublesUS Open A4Mxd
Terry Curley2021MixedDoublesBNP Paribas Open A5Mxd
Amy Stablein2021MixedDoublesBNP Paribas Open A5Mxd
Doug Touma2021MixedDoublesWestern Southern Open A6Mxd
Sheri Faust2021MixedDoublesWestern Southern Open A6Mxd
Dan Dooley2021MixedDoublesMiami Open A7Mxd
Kim Dooley2021MixedDoublesMiami Open A7Mxd
Charlotte Fajardo2021MixedDoublesPorsche Tennis Grand Prix A8Mxd
Dave Fajardo2021MixedDoublesPorsche Tennis Grand Prix A8Mxd
Derek Distelrath2021Men'sSinglesSampras MS1
Kyle Wofford2021Men'sSinglesConners MS2
Terry Curley2021Men'sSinglesMcEnroe MS3
Tim VanHowe2021Men'sSinglesBorg MS4
Matt Vargo2021Men'sSinglesAgassi MS5
Scott Singer2021Men'sSinglesIsner MS6
Andrew Robbins2021Men'sSinglesKyrgios MS7
Steve Pillon2021Men'sDoublesTsitsipas M1D
Matt Wise2021Men'sDoublesTsitsipas M1D
Mike Cansfield2021Men'sDoublesQuerry M2D
Carl Preston2021Men'sDoublesQuerry M2D
Steve Beauchamp2021Men'sDoublesLaver M3D
Pete Tseng2021Men'sDoublesLaver M3D
Doug Touma2021Men'sDoublesRublev M4D
Andrew Touma2021Men'sDoublesRublev M4D
John Walton2021Men'sDoublesBecker M6D
Tim VanHowe2021Men'sDoublesBecker M6D
Matt Vargo2021Men'sDoublesTheim M6D
Matt Herms2021Men'sDoublesTheim M6D
Lola Kamendat2021Girl'sSinglesSerena GS1 ORANGE
Maggie Moran2021Girl'sSinglesVenus GS1.5 ORANGE
Kaylee Isaac2021Girl'sSinglesBarty GS2 GREEN
Morgan Pillon2021Girl'sSinglesOsaka GS3
Aurora Sousanis2021Girl'sSinglesKenin GS4
Ashlyn Kinney2021Girl'sSinglesSabalenka GS5
Grace Goldman2021Girl'sSinglesSvitolina GS5.5
Kaylee Isaac2021Girl'sDoublesBrady G1D
Uma Vogan2021Girl'sDoublesBrady G1D
Grace Goldman2021Girl'sDoublesAndreescu G3D
Anna Kerhoulas2021Girl'sDoublesAndreescu G3D
Katie Touma2021Girl'sDoublesVandeweghe G4D
Jamy Brooks2021Girl'sDoublesVandeweghe G4D
Elliot Monroy2021Co-EdSinglesDjokovic RED S
Yianni Kasparian2021Co-EdDoublesGauff CoEd Orange
Conor Heimbach2021Co-EdDoublesGauff CoEd Orange
Coy Nicklas2021Co-EdDoublesCollins CoEd 2D
Nick Justa2021Co-EdDoublesCollins CoEd 2D
Griffin Wetzel2021Boy'sSinglesFederer BS1 ORANGE
Noah Stevens2021Boy'sSinglesNadal GREEN S
Nick Justa2021Boy'sSinglesZverev BS2
Colton Smith2021Boy'sSinglesBerrettini BS3
Sean McQueen2021Boy'sSinglesOpelka BS4
Preston Lee2021Boy'sSinglesFritz BS5
Macauley Douglas2021Boy'sDoublesShapovalov B1 Green
Wyatt Walker2021Boy'sDoublesShapovalov B1 Green
Nick Robbins2021Boy'sDoublesSchwartzman B3D
Charlie Dunkel2021Boy'sDoublesSchwartzman B3D
Tracy Stablein2021Robinson Award
Todd Kinney2021Myron Lee Spirit Award
Jamy Brooks2021Mike Clary Award
Isabella Murray2021Mike Clary Award
Quinn Schwarz2021Mike Clary Award
Sarah Barry2022Women'sSinglesSwiatek WS1
Annabella Beaudry2022Women'sSinglesSakkari WS2
Sheri Faust2022Women'sSinglesBadosa WS3
Lisa Higgins2022Women'sDoublesKerber WD2
Catherine Leon2022Women'sDoublesKerber WD2
Nancy Pfeifer2022Women'sDoublesKeys WD3
Sheri Faust2022Women'sDoublesKeys WD3
Trish Defrain2022Women'sDoublesBencic WD4
Stacie Stein2022Women'sDoublesBencic WD4
Steve Pillon2022Men'sSinglesSampras MS1
Carl Preston2022Men'sSinglesConners MS2
Josh Forkin2022Men'sSinglesMcEnroe MS3
Rich Merrit2022Men'sSinglesMurray MS4
Dave Bette2022Men'sSinglesAgassi MS5
Giuseppe Turini2022Men'sSinglesIsner MS6
Scott Cummings2022Men'sSinglesKyrgios MS7
Larry Fajardo2022Men'sSinglesBorg MS8
Kevin Marvin2022Men'sSinglesMurphy Jensen MS9
Erwin Gampp2022Men'sSinglesDimitrov MS10
Jason Go2022Men'sDoublesTsitsipas MD1
Steve Pillon2022Men'sDoublesTsitsipas MD1
Dave Bette2022Men'sDoublesQuerry MD2
Michael Coleman2022Men'sDoublesQuerry MD2
Ashlyn Kinney2022Girl'sSinglesSerena GS1
Isabella Evenson2022Girl'sSinglesVenus GS2
Elizabeth Hoff2022Girl'sSinglesBarty GS3
Payton Barnett2022Girl'sSinglesOsaka GS4
Kayla Faust2022Girl'sSinglesKenin GS5
Khloe Faust2022Girl'sSinglesSabalenka GS6
Ellie Coughlin2022Girl'sSinglesSvitolina Green GS7
Rowan Georgia2022Girl'sSinglesHalep Orange GS8
Piper Kamendat2022Girl'sSinglesPliskova Orange GS9
Ashlyn Kinney2022Girl'sDoublesVandeweghe GD1
Ella Beck2022Girl'sDoublesVandeweghe GD1
Kate VanHowe2022Girl'sDoublesAndreescu GD2
Avery Witter2022Girl'sDoublesAndreescu GD2
Isabella Evenson2022Girl'sDoublesCollins GD3
Greta Heiss2022Girl'sDoublesCollins GD3
Everett Distelrath2022CoedSinglesDjokovic RED CoEd S8
Ryan Davies2022CoedDoublesSchwartzman CoEd D1
Divyesh Bhargava2022CoedDoublesSchwartzman CoEd D1
Conor Heimbach2022CoedDoublesPaul CoEd D4 Green
Yianni Kasperian2022CoedDoublesPaul CoEd D4 Green
Lupe Vogan2022CoedDoublesJabeur CoEd D5 Orange
Faith Walker2022CoedDoublesJabeur CoEd D5 Orange
Ryan Davies2022Boy'sSinglesAlcaraz BS1
Jackson Siefferly2022Boy'sSinglesFritz BS2
Shaan Batra2022Boy'sSinglesOpelka BS3
Austin Pillon2022Boy'sSinglesBerrettini BS4
Macauley Douglas2022Boy'sSinglesZverev BS5
Griffin Wetzel2022Boy'sSinglesNadal GREEN BS6
Sawyer Herbert2022Boy'sSinglesFederer BS7 ORANGE
Sinan Lal2022Boy'sDoublesShapovalov BD2
Ryan Ganger2022Boy'sDoublesShapovalov BD2
Aarav Patel2022Boy'sDoublesMannarino BD3
Macauley Douglas2022Boy'sDoublesMannarino BD3
Beth Tseng2022Robinson Award
Traci Whymer2022Myron Lee Spirit Award
Lew Evenson2022Myron Lee Spirit Award
Derek Distelrath2022Mike Clary Award
Gary Shamaly2022Men'sDoublesLaver MD3
Jim Charron2022Men'sDoublesLaver MD3
Pete Tseng2022Men'sDoublesRublev MD4
Stephen Beauchamp2022Men'sDoublesRublev MD4
Todd Kinney2022Men'sDoublesBecker MD5
Preston Lee2022Men'sDoublesBecker MD5
Rich Merritt2022Men'sDoublesTheim MD6
Collin Lilley2022Men'sDoublesTheim MD6
John Walton2022Men'sDoublesBerrettini MD7
Tim VanHowe2022Men'sDoublesBerrettini MD7
Jim Neaton2022Men'sDoublesDimitrov MD8
Chris Herbert2022Men'sDoublesDimitrov MD8
Dave Sawdon2022Men'sDoublesMedvedev MD9
Erwin Gammp2022Men'sDoublesMedvedev MD9
Ian Pinnoo2022MixedDoublesPenn JrMxd1
Jamy Brooks2022MixedDoublesPenn JrMxd1
Colten Smith2022MixedDoublesGamma JrMxd2
Meya Drob2022MixedDoublesGamma JrMxd2
Austin Pillon2022MixedDoublesBabolat JrMxd3
Morgan Pillon2022MixedDoublesBabolat JrMxd3
Max Vargo2022MixedDoublesHead JrMxd4
Amelia Morgulec2022MixedDoublesHead JrMxd4
Andrew Barnett2022MixedDoublesWilson JrMxd5 Orange
Faith Walker2022MixedDoublesWilson JrMxd5 Orange
Steve Pillon2022MixedDoublesAustralian Open AdMxd1
Tiffany Odlum2022MixedDoublesAustralian Open AdMxd1
Brett Lynch2022MixedDoublesFrench Open AdMxd2
Barb Lynch2022MixedDoublesFrench Open AdMxd2
Jamie Hepting2022MixedDoublesWimbledon AdMxd3
Lexi Hepting2022MixedDoublesWimbledon AdMxd3
Doug Touma2022MixedDoublesUS Open AdMxd4
Kate Touma2022MixedDoublesUS Open AdMxd4
Keith Ottenbacher2022MixedDoublesIndian Wells AdMxd5
Annabella Beaudry2022MixedDoublesIndian Wells AdMxd5
Giuseppi Turini2022MixedDoublesWestern Southern Open AdMxd6
Sheila Johnson2022MixedDoublesWestern Southern Open AdMxd6
John Walton2022MixedDoublesMiami Open AdMxd7
Kris Houle2022MixedDoublesMiami Open AdMxd7
Mike Ziegler2022MixedDoublesPorsche Tennis Grand Prix AdMxd8
Lynn Vandenbossche2022MixedDoublesPorsche Tennis Grand Prix AdMxd8
Dave Czech2022MixedDoublesCiti Open AdMxd9
Mary Bruce2022MixedDoublesCiti Open AdMxd9
Mike Dodea2022MixedDoublesRolex Paris Master AdMxd10
Mae Marshall2022MixedDoublesRolex Paris Master AdMxd10
Dan Gaffney2022MixedDoublesDelray Beach AdMxd11
Laura Gaffney2022MixedDoublesDelray Beach AdMxd11
Steve Pillon2023Men'sSinglesFederer MS1
Chris Latosinsky2023Men'sSinglesSampras MS2
Carl Preston2023Men'sSinglesConnors MS3
Dave Bette2023Men'sSinglesMcEnroe MS4
Jeff Dalrymple2023Men'sSinglesAgassi MS5
Scott Cummings2023Men'sSinglesBorg MS6
Ryan Gilbert2023Men'sSinglesEdberg MS7
Joshua Forkin2023Men'sSinglesChang MS8
Bob McRae2023Men'sSinglesRoddick MS9
Bode Kays2023Men'sSinglesCourier MS10
Emily Herbert2023Women'sSinglesGraf WS1
Meghan Schwanz2023Women'sSinglesEvert WS2
Alissa Sheatzley2023Women'sSinglesNavratilova WS3
Preston Lee2023Boy'sSinglesAlcaraz BS1
Jesse Aragones23023Boy'sSinglesDjokovic BS2
Matthew Stek2023Boy'sSinglesMedvedev BS3
Noah Stevens2023Boy'sSinglesRuud BS4
MacCauley Douglas2023Boy'sSinglesTsitsipas BS5
Hunter Christopher2023Boy'sSinglesRune BS6
Ashton Shafer2023Boy'sSinglesRublev BS7
Colin Hill2023Boy'sSinglesSinner BS8
Andrew Barnett2023Boy'sSinglesFritz Green Ball BS9
Levi Jones2023Boy'sSinglesTiafoe Green Ball BS10
Everett Distelrath2023Co-EdSinglesKorda Co-Ed Orange Ball BS11
Hadley Schwarz2023Girl'sSinglesSwiatek GS1
Kate VanHowe2023Girl'sSinglesSvitolina GS2
Elizabeth Pardy2023Girl'sSinglesRybakina GS3
Alleyna Martinez2023Girl'sSinglesGauff GS4
Uma Vogan2023Girl'sSinglesPegula GS5
Macy Knott2023Girl'sSinglesKeys GS6
Alayna Dalrymple2023Girl'sSinglesStevens Green Ball GS7
Kiyara Hinidumarachchi2023Girl'sSinglesKvitova Green Ball GS8
Derek Distelrath2023Men'sDoublesIndian Wells MD1
Tim Gaul2023Men'sDoublesIndian Wells MD1
Dave Bette2023Men'sDoublesMiami Open MD2
Chris Latosinsky2023Men'sDoublesMiami Open MD2
Sean McCue2023Men'sDoublesMonte Carlo MD3
Rich Merritt2023Men'sDoublesMonte Carlo MD3
Rick Scavarda2023Men'sDoublesMadrid Open MD4
Pete Tseng2023Men'sDoublesMadrid Open MD4
Bob MacRae2023Men'sDoublesItalian Open MD5
Christian Shuart2023Men'sDoublesMontreal MD6
Jonathan Wentzel2023Men'sDoublesMontreal MD6
Dave LaBelle2023Men'sDoublesToronto MD7
Noah Stek2023Men'sDoublesWestern & Southern MD8
Dave Stek2023Men'sDoublesWestern & Southern MD8
Tim Lozen2023Men'sDoublesATP World Tour MD9
Matt Lozen2023Men'sDoublesATP World Tour MD9
Hadley Schwarz2023Women'sDoublesThe Robinson WD1
Addison Lyons2023Women'sDoublesThe Robinson WD1
Char Sweeney2023Women'sDoublesParis Masters WD2
Patty Hildebrand2023Women'sDoublesParis Masters WD2
Sarah Touma2023Women'sDoublesShanghai Masters WD3
Traci Whymer2023Women'sDoublesShanghai Masters WD3
Kristin Pillon2023Women'sDoublesDubai Championships WD4
Sheryl Eckert2023Women'sDoublesDubai Championships WD4
Laura Gaffney2023Women'sDoublesLaver Cup WD5
Meghan Schwanz2023Women'sDoublesLaver Cup WD5
Alissa Sheatzley2023Women'sDoublesWTA Finals WD6
Michelle Tebay2023Women'sDoublesWTA Finals WD6
Matthew Stek2023Boy'sDoublesInstinct BD2
Max Vargo2023Boy'sDoublesInstinct BD2
Owen Hill2023Boy'sDoublesBlade BD3
Hunter Christopher2023Boy'sDoublesBlade BD3
Griffin Wetzel2023Boy'sDoublesUltra BD4
Kole Kozma2023Boy'sDoublesUltra BD4
Everett Distelrath2023Boy'sDoublesPrestige BD5
Austin Woolman2023Boy'sDoublesPrestige BD5
Coner Heimbach2023Boy'sDoublesPure Drive Green Ball BD6
Yianni Kasperian2023Boy'sDoublesPure Drive Green Ball BD6
Kate VanHowe2023Girl'sDoublesSpeed GD1
Avery Witter2023Girl'sDoublesSpeed GD1
Maci Knott2023Girl'sDoublesRadical GD2
Hannah Maynard2023Girl'sDoublesRadical GD2
Payton Barnett2023Girl'sDoublesPrince Graphite GD3
Uma Vogan2023Girl'sDoublesPrince Graphite GD3
Kiyara Hindumarachchi2023Girl'sDoublesPure Aero Green Ball GD4
Alayna Dalrymple2023Girl'sDoublesPure Aero Green Ball GD4
Derek Distelrath2023MixedAdultDoublesAustralian Open AdMxd1
Lily VanHowe2023MixedAdultDoublesAustralian Open AdMxd1
Kyle Wofford2023MixedAdultDoublesFrench Open AdMxd2
Hadley Schwarz2023MixedAdultDoublesFrench Open AdMxd2
Bruce Davies2023MixedAdultDoublesWimbledon AdMxd3
Jen Douglas2023MixedAdultDoublesWimbledon AdMxd3
Tyson Connely2023MixedAdultDoublesUS Open AdMxd4
Traci Whymer2023MixedAdultDoublesUS Open AdMxd4
Jeff Blackman2023MixedAdultDoublesDavis Cup AdMxd5
Brittany Banks2023MixedAdultDoublesDavis Cup AdMxd5
Craig Schiffelbine2023MixedAdultDoublesFed Cup AdMxd6
Trudy Palmateer2023MixedAdultDoublesFed Cup AdMxd6
Dave LaBelle2023MixedAdultDoublesPaes/Hingis AdMxd7
Alexis Nordin2023MixedAdultDoublesPaes/Hingis AdMxd7
Larry Fajardo2023MixedAdultDoublesBryan/Navratilova AdMxd8
Krysta Basic2023MixedAdultDoublesBryan/Navratilova AdMxd8
Todd Kinney2023MixedAdultDoublesMcEnroe/Graf AdMxd9
Ashlyn Kinney2023MixedAdultDoublesMcEnroe/Graf AdMxd9
Ryan Ganger2023MixedAdultDoublesPaes/Navratilova AdMxd10
Olivia Koza2023MixedAdultDoublesPaes/Navratilova AdMxd10
Dave Czech2023MixedAdultDoublesPeers/Sanders AdMxd11
Mary Bruce2023MixedAdultDoublesPeers/Sanders AdMxd11
Steven Schwabauer2023MixedAdultDoublesMatos/Stefani AdMxd12
Heather Scott2023MixedAdultDoublesMatos/Stefani AdMxd12
Matthew Stek2023MixedJuniorDoublesWilson JrMxd1
Isabella Evenson2023MixedJuniorDoublesWilson JrMxd1
Trey Kolakovich2023MixedJuniorDoublesHead JrMxd2
Alleyna Martinez2023MixedJuniorDoublesHead JrMxd2
Noah Stevens2023MixedJuniorDoublesGamma JrMxd3
Kaylee Isaac2023MixedJuniorDoublesGamma JrMxd3
Beckett Baker2023MixedJuniorDoublesYonex Green Ball JrMxd4
Kiyara Hinidumarachchi2023MixedJuniorDoublesYonex Green Ball JrMxd4
Bruce Davies2023Robinson Award
Lily VanHowe2023Mike Clary Award
Jim Charrron2023Service & Dedication
Jim Neaton2023Myron Lee Spirit Award
Barb LynchService & Dedication