Scientists in the T Houwwwse!

The Flint Science Fair was held at Kettering University on March 18-21. Congratulations to four of our players on their outstanding performance:

Annika Tekumulla 8th Grade @ FGMS – Project – Death Rays, 5th place, Prize – $100

Anusha Tekumulla 8th Grade @ FGMS – What Is the Effectiveness of Anti-Microbial Agents on Bacterial Culture Plates?, 5th place, Prize $100

Sophia Ahmed 11th Grade @ PHN – Project – Compounding Effects of Hyperlipidemia And Hyperglycemia in the Exacerbation and Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy, 2nd Place, Prize – $800

Neehal Tumma 9th Grade @ PHN – The Role of Identical and Analogous Signaling Molecules in Gene Expression in Quorum Sensing Pathways in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, 4th Place, Prize – $400

In addition, Sophia Ahmed and Neehal Tumma have both won an all-expense paid trip to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona on May 8-13. Sophia will be a participant; Neehal will be an observer.