2021 Robinson

July 28-August 1, 2021

The 64th Annual Francis J. Robinson Memorial International Tournament is named after a local tennis player, Lt. Francis J. Robinson, a young serviceman who died in a military flight training mission in July 1958. A group of Lt. Robinson’s friends started a small tennis tournament in his honor that same summer. The “Robinson” has grown into a local event that has drawn between 200-400 participants annually, ranging in divisions from 10 & under to 60 & over and is considered one of the longest running community tennis tournaments in the United States.

Welcome back to the Robinson!

This year the Robinson returns as a round robin event where flights will be comprised of players of like ability. Flight tournaments provide a competitive environment benefiting all players, but most notably they appeal to players who may avoid traditional tournaments in which they could anticipate early elimination. The established practice of seeding in the traditional tournament format generates draws where novice players face more skilled players, making their tournament exposure brief. This year we hope to encourage a wider spectrum of participants to enjoy the Robinson experience along with the opportunity to play several matches against players of similar skill. After missing the 2020 Robinson, this summer is an occasion to play a lot of tennis and enjoy socializing with our community!

The entry deadline is July 23rd, and we look forward to seeing entries coming in soon! Please check in for updates and follow the PHTH on Facebook for updates. Thank you!


  • Entry Deadline is Friday, July 23rd at 5pm.
  • Each player may enter up to three events (one singles, one doubles, and one mixed doubles).
  • Entry fee is $40/player which includes all three events and a t-shirt. Payments may be cash or check/money order payable to “The Robinson.”
  • Each player will provide one can of balls to the tournament desk upon check-in.
  • Balls will be supplied for the Finals.
  • Each entrant, including doubles & mixed partners entered in no other events, must submit an entry form.
  • Follow the PHTH on Facebook for updates.

2021 Robinson Entry Form

The schedule below is an an approximate guideline. Matches must be played as scheduled. Finals will be played on Sunday.

To allow time for all evening matches to be played, please be prepared to begin adult matches at 4pm.

Due to limited available court time and the number of matches to be played, flight participants may NOT independently re-schedule match times.

Official flights & start times will be available online by 5pm, Monday, July 26th.

Follow the PHTH Facebook page for updates!

If you have questions, please contact Tournament Director, Steve Pillon, at sspillon@yahoo.com or (810) 434-2371.


Flight sizes will fluctuate based on the number of entries. Groups will consist of between 4 and 10 teams, with larger flights split into two groups.

Each flight will be assigned a captain who will track match scores and report results to the Tournament Director.


  1. Round robin matches will be NO-AD pro-sets. Flight sizes will determine the total games per set played (4, 6, 8 or 10 game pro-sets will be assigned to each flight after groupings are established). A 9-point tiebreak will be played at 4-4, 6-6, 8-8 or 10-10.
  2. A 9 Point Set Tiebreak is first to win 5 points (no 2-point margin). The player whose turn it is to serve will serve the first two points, starting from the deuce side. Thereafter, each player/team serves in rotation for 2 points (deuce side, then Ad side). The 4th server will serve 3 points if the tiebreak has not already been decided. If tied at 4-4, the receiving player/team can choose which side will receive. If tied at 4-4 in a Mixed Doubles match, men/boys will serve to each other, and women/girls will serve to each other. Players/teams DO NOT change ends of the court during the 9-point tiebreak.
  3. The top 2 players/teams based on win/loss record from each flight advance to the Finals (or the top player/team from a split flight – a large flight that was split into two groups).
  4. In the case of a tie in standings, the players/teams advancing to the Finals will be decided, in order, by:  (1) head-to-head results, (2) games won, (3) games lost. If still tied, a random drawing will be used.
  5. Finals will be 2 out of 3 sets, Ad scoring, with a 10-point super-tiebreak (first to 10, win by two) for the third set. Set tiebreaks will be first to 7, win by two.
  6. All Finals tiebreaks will be Coman format. The player/team who would serve next in the rotation will serve first. The first server begins from the deuce court and serves one point. Thereafter, each player/team serves in rotation for 2 points (Ad side then deuce side), until the winner has been decided. Players/teams change ends after the first point, then after every four points. If the first set ended in a tiebreak, then the player/team that received first in the tiebreak will serve first in the second set. The 3rd Set (10-point super-tiebreak) is treated like a new set, therefore either player on a doubles team can serve first.


  • Mixed Doubles Finals


  • Singles & Doubles Finals
  • Sunday BBQ and “Create Your Tailgate”
    • The Port Huron Tennis House invites everyone to enjoy served by Big River BBQ! The PHTH provides the burgers, hot dogs and brats with all the fixin’s!
    • Create Your Tailgate! Bring your own side dishes (instead of a dish to pass) and set up your group’s Sunday picnic!
    • We always look forward to sharing great company and a great bite from Big River while watching the finalists compete for the championships!
  • Awards Ceremony
    • The Awards Ceremony will follow the final match of the day.
    • Sunday is special as we get together with friends and family, celebrate the events of the week, and support all the players who participated in this year’s tournament!
    • Stay to applaud the Champs and Finalists and find out who receives the special awards, the Robinson Award and the Mike Clary Award.

Wednesday through Saturday from 11am-7pm!

We are excited to have Kate’s Downtown at Sanborn Park! Plan to get a smoothie, some fruit, and a sammie or wrap at Kate’s!
Evening hours will include burgers and hot dogs! A variety of beverages, snacks and baked goods will be available – YUM!

Kate’s will accept cash or credit.

Send a text to sign up for Robinson Updates!
We’ll communicate important info this week with text messages.

Enter this as the phone number: 81010

Text this message: @robinsonup


Find Flights and Results at the links below. If necessary, be sure to use the “left/right” scroll arrow tool on the bottom right of the spreadsheets to see all the Flights. We were excited to have 220 players enter the Robinson making up 28 Adult Flights (2 WS, 7 MS, 5 WD, 6 MD, 8 Mixed) and 27 Junior Flights (7 Co-Ed & BS, 7 GS, 7 D, 6 Mixed).


Congratulations to our Robinson Special Award recipients!


Mike Clary Junior Tennis Award

Jamy Brooks

Isabella Murray

Quinn Schwarz

Robinson Sportsmanship Award

Tracy Stablein

Myron Lee Spirit Award (inaugural)

Todd Kinney