2018 Robinson Events, Activities & Daily Prizes

Coach Steve’s Warm Up for the Robinson    Saturday, July 21st @ JUNIOR 3-5pm, ADULTS 5-7pm @ inside the Port Huron Tennis House

Register online or call the PHTH at (810)987-6868. All players who enter the Robinson can sign up for Coach Steve’s Warm Up! It’s included with your entry fee!

JUNIORS – GAME DAY ending with *TTF and *One Point Tournament (each cost $1 to play, winner gets the cash, register online or at the PHTH)!

*TTF (TOUCH THE FENCE) at Coach Steve’s Warm Up

Entry is $1, winner takes the cash! GET IN THE GAME! TTF is a very fast-paced, strategic “doubles” game where each player is in it for themselves! Balls are constantly fed into play after a miss. If at any time a player doesn’t get a racket on a ball, they’re out! When 4 players are left standing, TTF begins – players “touch the fence” during play if they miss a shot. When 2 players are left it’s a drop-shot maker’s dream! It’s one of the junior players’ favorite games. Adults, don’t hesitate to give it a try – all are welcome to play! Coach Steve will run a demonstration. We’ll have multiple courts compete, with playoffs for championship prize(s)!

*One Point Tournament at Coach Steve’s Warm Up

Entry is $1, winner takes the cash! Tennis fans, all ages, all skill levels, can get in on the action! There are no seeded players in this draw, and it’s all or nothing! Random draw; opponents play one point; winner advances to the next round. Champion receives the prize!

10 & Under Play Day    Free Day of FUN! Entry form required

Friday, August 3rd @ 3-4pm @ Port Huron Northern High School

Kid-sized courts & equipment get rallies started right away! By using 36 foot Red ball courts and 60 foot Orange ball courts, smaller rackets, and low-pressure balls, kids gain experience in a no-pressure environment! Contests, crafts, games, prizes, refreshments, snacks and most of all, FUN!  Thank you to our sponsor, Michigan Mutual, Inc.!

Visit our Youth Tennis page for more about Quick Start tennis and ROGY-style play.

Daily Prizes

Players of the Day earned a “Tennis Playa” t-shirt, and Best Dressed Doubles & Mixed Doubles teams received gift certificates!

Players of the Day – Juniors: Annalyse Ichenberg , Matthew Stek, Liam Beck, Preston Lee, Morgan Pillon & Camryn MacPherson, Abigail Gordon, Macauley Douglas & Zishan Lal

Players of the Day – Adults: Lynn Heithoff, Christian Odlum, Matt Lozen, Todd Kinney & Beth Grieve, Divija Bhargava, Seth Pinnoo, Joey Fajardo, Justin Bourrassa & Michael Coleman, Kaitlyn Odlum, Nicholas Fiaschetti, Jen Douglas, Carl Preston, Derek Distelrath & Casey Smith, Ryan Davies

Best Dressed – Adults: Matt & Liz Lozen, Todd Kinney & Myron Lee, Marnie Rossow & Bridgette Nicklas

Best Dressed – Juniors: Ashlyn Kinney & Livvy Heithoff, Carly & Casey Smith, Molly Rossow & Charlie Dunkel



Daily 10am – 7pm

Kate’s Downtown is providing morning/noon hour concessions offering muffins, fruit, wraps, sandwiches, granola bars, protein bars, smoothies, coffee and other beverages. Afternoon/evening eats will include hot dogs, burgers, and more. Thanks, Kate!

Sunday Brunch and the Finals

Sunday, August 5th

The Port Huron Tennis House invites everyone to bring a dish to pass, share a meal, and watch the finalists compete for the championships during an all-day BBQ! The PHTH will provide hamburgers, hot dogs and brats along with all the fixin’s. It’s a wonderful time to get together with friends and family, recall the events of the week, and support all the players who participated in this year’s tournament. Come for tennis, stay for the food!

The Sundae Serve

Sunday, August 5th @ 3pm

Enjoy an ice cream sundae compliments of the Robinson Committee!

Awards Ceremony

Sunday, August 5th after Finals

Please join us as Robinson week is celebrated during the Awards Ceremony when players are recognized for their tournament participation, and trophies are given to the finalists and champions. Additionally, two special awards are presented – the Francis J. Robinson Sportsmanship Award and the Mike Clary Junior Tennis Award.

All events will be held at Port Huron Northern High School. If Sanborn Tennis Courts are resurfaced, all events will relocate to Sanborn Park. Location details will be shared here and on Facebook — please follow us to stay informed (Facebook link below). Rain will move events inside the Port Huron Tennis House.