2016 Battle of the Ages Part 2 – Adults vs Juniors Mixer

From Timeline Photos. Posted by Port Huron Tennis House on 7/08/2012 (98 items)

Last night was a great time – Adults vs Juniors…Battle of the Ages Part 2! The initial points were earned as the teams warmed up during a couple different games of Perfect Three. Then the teams played four rounds of 30 minute doubles matches where it came down to the last round determining the winner. Going in to the final round the Adults were behind by a narrow margin. When Coach Steve tallied the final scores the Juniors edged out the Adults by only 4 games! Thank you to Coach Steve and Coach Tiff for running the event. Thank you to everyone who participated, brought dishes to pass, and cheered on the competitors. Looks like we’ll have to plan one more Battle of the Ages to determine the 2015/2016 season champion! Congrats to the Junior team!

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