USTA 2016/2017

2016/17 Leagues

Kevin Miller 7.0 Mixed 18 & Over Bruce Davies 7.0 Mixed 40 & Over
Kevin Miller 8.0 Mixed 18 & Over
Tracy Carleton 9.0 Mixed 18 & Over Tracy Carleton 9.0 Mixed 40 & Over


12/11/2016 – 2016 Fall 7.0 Mixed defeated Huron Valley 3-0 at the Fall Championship Playoff at Lifetime Fitness/Rochester. The team advances to to District Finals on 9/8/2017! Pictured L to R: Todd Kinney & Beth Grieve, Tino Dibattista & Karen Keenan, Jen Douglas & Andrew Schrand.

2017 District Finals (for Fall 2016 teams) 9/8/2017

League Champions – 9.0 Mixed 40 & Over – Congrats to the 2016 Fall Championships 9.0 Mixed team who now advance to the District Finals on September 8, 2017! 9.0 Mixed will play Wessen/Pontiac at 8pm at Wessen. Good luck!

On the team: Captain – Tracy Carleton, Kimberly Miller, Michael Cansfield, Carl Preston, Kristy Kinney, John Boukamp, Tiffany Odlum, Brian Slonac, Libby Thomson, Andrew Schrand, Jason Go

League Champions – 7.0 Mixed 40 & Over – Congrats to the 2016 Fall Championships Winners! After claiming the League Championship with 6 wins and 1 loss, 7.0 Mixed won their final match of the season 3-0 (edging the 2nd place team by 4 individual wins) and advanced to Fall Championships at Lifetime Fitness on December 11, 2016. There the team beat Huron Valley Tennis Club with a 3-0, straight-sets sweep! Next stop is a District Playoffs against Eastside, the 2017 Spring Champs, on September 8, 2017 at 6:30pm. Amazing job to everyone, and GOOD LUCK!

On the team: Captain – Kevin Miller, Karen Keenan, Collin Lilley, Jen Douglas, Rick Scavarda, Alice Mariani, Bruce Davies, Carrie Smith, Lew Evenson, Catherine Leon, Tino Dibattista, Karen Basha, Patricia Hildebrand, Beth Grieve, Andrew Schrand, Mike Ziegler, Todd Kinney

League Champions – 8.0 Mixed 40 & Over – The team claimed the League Championship in a very competitive flight! One week after their last league match, 8.0 Mixed waited for their fate as the result of another matchup was the determining factor. Great job in a tight race to the finish, proving every individual win counts! Good luck at Fall District Playoffs at Lifetime Fitness on December 11 where the team will play one match versus Wesson/Pontiac!

On the team: Captain – Kevin Miller, Michael Monahan,  Libby Thomson, Tracy Stablein-Brooks, Kelley Guthrie, Kristy Kinney, Kimberly Miller, Mike Kleeves, Alice Mariani, Jim Charron, Connie Kleeves, Dan Johnson, Betty Latosinsky, Jason Go, Andrew Schrand, Karen Keenan

2016 Summer League Playoffs

League Champions – 4.0 Women 18 & Over – With a record of 8 wins and 2 losses the team advanced to District Playoffs on August 5-6 where they faced four other SEMTA teams at District Playoffs in Ann Arbor. The ladies fought hard but unfortunately Bloomfield Open Hunt Club came away with the win. Great season, ladies – LEAGUE CHAMPS!

On the team: Captain – Betty Latosinsky, Julie Rock, Tracy Stablein-Brooks, Lezlynne Moore, Cheryl Degroot, Beth Tseng, Stacey Smith Westrick, Beth Grieve, Amy Tseng, Christine Krause, Samantha Palazzolo, Annette Grain, Maggie Bacheller, Janice Taylor, Ilina Krishen, Char Sweeney, Connie Kleeves

League Champions – 9.0 Mixed 18 & Over – The team clinched the championship early in the season and finished with an 8-1 record. At District Playoffs September 11th at Wimbledon Racket Club, 9.0 Mixed swept Monroe Sunday morning 3-0, but their afternoon match versus Franklin was a three-court fight to the finish. The final match at #1 Doubles was the deciding court as the team was 1-1 after the first 2 courts finished (both played super breakers!). The team cheered on #1 Doubles as they battled back from a first set breaker loss, winning the second set. However, it was a 3rd set heart-breaker as Franklin pulled out the super-set win. It was a fantastic weekend of competitive tennis, and we applaud the 9.0 Mixed teams League Championship and effort at Districts!

On the team: Captain – Tracy Carleton, Jason Brown, Tiffany Odlum, Kimberly Miller, Justin Sabourin, Michael Coleman, Kristy Kinney, Jason Go, Annie Moore, Matt Wise, Andrew Schrand, Mike Cansfield, Allie Sweeney

League Champions – 8.0 Mixed 40 & Over – It’s never over ’til it’s over! The numbers were so close, and the 8.0 Mixed team went into their final match thinking they’d need a 3-0 shut-out to win the league. Two other league teams results came in, and turns out our team only needed the 2-1 victory. However, the team claimed the win with a shut-out anyway. Nice work! They advanced to playoffs at Wimbledon Racket Club on September 10-11, facing 3 other SEMTA league winners. Their morning match was decided by a super breaker come-back win, and they won their second match in two super-breakers! After three tough matches unfortunately the team lost on Sunday in three super breakers. Amazing season ended with a very close race to the finish – congrats on your 8.0 Mixed League Championship!

One the team: Captain – Kevin Miller, Karen Keenan, Mike Kleeves, Jason Go, Andrew Schrand, Connie Kleeves, Kimberly Miller, Dan Johnson, Jim Charron, Betty Latosinsky, Carl Preston, Char Sweeney, Tracy Stablein-Brooks, Kristy Kinney

League Champions – 7.0 Men 55 & Over – The guys swept their league with an impressive 9-0 record – way to go! The team met two other SEMTA teams at playoffs on September 11 at Wimbledon Racket Club. The guys put up a great fight in both their matches on Sunday, but lost each match 1-2. The guys played tough! Great job, 7.0 Men on your League Championship sweep and your efforts at Districts!

On the team: Captain – Greg Gale, Kevin Carolan, Glenn Johnson, John Johnson, John Anderson, Mike Ziegler, Tino Dibattista, Gary Schafer, Richard Kovar, Kevin Miller, Dev Nandamudi, Thomas West

Altogether the four PHTH League Champs played 16 tie breakers at their District playoffs – tough losses in such close competition. We’ll be back!

2016 Winter Leagues

Greg Gale 7.0 Mixed 40 & Over
Kevin Miller 8.0 Mixed 18 & Over
Tracy Carleton 9.0 Mixed 40 & Over

2016 Winter Mixed Districts

Wow, what a fantastic weekend of District playoffs for our 7.0 and 8.0 mixed doubles teams! Lucky to have the teams both playing at the same location to support each other! Both teams should be very proud of their successful seasons. The 7.0 team played tough, fighting in some close matches, finishing the weekend in fourth place with Sports Club of West Bloomfield going undefeated. 8.0 fell just short of qualifying for States, with their only loss to the winner, Wessen/Pontiac. Great job, PHTH – memorable season for all of you!

Flight Champs – 8.0 Mixed 18 & Over  The 8.0 Mixed 18 & Over clinched their flight championship early in March, with 2 regular league matches left to play. Then the team went on to finish regular season match play with a perfect 8-0 record! Very impressive! The team advances to District playoffs on April 30-May 1. Check back for updates on their fight to move on to States! Good luck!

On the team: Kevin Miller (captain), Kim Miller, Tracy Stablein-Brooks, Andrew Schrand, Stacey Smith-Westrick, Jason Go, Michael Coleman, Betty Latosinsky, Karen Keenan, Catherine Leon, Maggie Bacheller, Dan Johnson, Char Sweeney, Dale Sweeney, Kristy Kinney, Justin Sabourin.

Flight Champs – 7.0 Mixed 40 & Over – Congrats to the 7.0 Mixed 40 & Over team who finished their season on April 9th in first place with 7 wins and 2 losses! The team advanced to District Playoffs on April 30-May 1.

On the team: Greg Gale (captain), Bruce Davies, Jen Douglas, Karen Keenan, Carrie Smith, Tino Dibattista, Lew Evenson, John Johnson, Catherine Leon, Gary Gorski, Lisa Higgins, Patricia Hildebrand, Tracy Stablein-Brooks