2017 Robinson Daily Prize Winners

Players of the Day! Congratulations for crushing it at the Robinson and earning your Player of the Day t-shirt!

Declan McDowell Boys 10 Green Claire Brooks Mixed 18
Blake Kartanys Boys 18 Singles Nishaan Makim Mixed 18
John Oswell Mens 60 Singles Chinmay Damani Boys 10 Green
Lew Evenson Mixed 45 Fritz Lepley Mens 45 Singles
Mike Kleeves Mixed 45 Anusha Tekumulla Girls 14 Singles
Connie Kleeves Mixed 45 Derek Distelrath Mixed 18
Annalyse Ichenberg Girls 10 Green Casey Smith Mixed 18
Morgan Pillon Girls 10 Orange Seth Pinnoo Boys 18 Singles
Avery Witter Girls 10 Orange Amara Makim Girls 14 Dbls Club
Sandy Anderson Womens 45 Dbls Phoebe Muir Girls 14 Dbls Club
Deb Watson Womens 45 Dbls Nathan Ponton Open Singles
Jeff Blackman Mens 60 Singles Elijah Brown Boys 14 Singles Club
Mark Walker Mens 30 Singles Eli Pinnoo Boys 18 Dbls Tournament
Andrew Davies Boys 18 Dbls Tournament