2017 Robinson Champions, Finalists & Special Award Recipients

60th Annual Francis J. Robinson Memorial International Tennis Tournament

August 2-6, 2017

Division Player(s) Round
Boys’ 10 Doubles Green Preston A Lee / Tej Patel Winner
Boys’ 10 Doubles Green Chinmay R Damani / Declan J McDowell Finalist
Boys’ 10 Singles Green Tej Patel Winner
Boys’ 10 Singles Green Chinmay R Damani Finalist
Boys’ 10 Singles Orange Macauley Douglas Winner
Boys’ 10 Singles Orange Zishan Lal Finalist
Boys’ 14 Doubles Club Dylan T Distelrath / Elijah Brown Winner
Boys’ 14 Doubles Club Davin M Brown / Joey D Fajardo Finalist
Boys’ 14 Doubles Tournament Ryan Davies / Aditya Damani Winner
Boys’ 14 Doubles Tournament Quinn A Schwarz / Chris M Latosinsky Finalist
Boys’ 14 Singles Club Elijah Brown Winner
Boys’ 14 Singles Club Divyesh Bhargava Finalist
Boys’ 14 Singles Tournament Ian Pinnoo Winner
Boys’ 14 Singles Tournament Aditya Damani Finalist
Boys’ 18 Doubles Tournament Eli Pinnoo / Andrew Davies Winner
Boys’ 18 Doubles Tournament Nishaan Makim / John A Betrus Finalist
Boys’ 18 Singles Tournament Seth Pinnoo Winner
Boys’ 18 Singles Tournament John A Betrus Finalist
Girls’ 10 Doubles Green Haylee L Mills / Carissa Bauer Winner
Girls’ 10 Doubles Green Kate E Vanhowe / Annalyse L Ichenberg Finalist
Girls’ 10 Singles Green Carissa Bauer Winner
Girls’ 10 Singles Green Brooke K Nicholson Finalist
Girls’ 10 Singles Orange Avery R Witter Winner
Girls’ 10 Singles Orange Morgan Pillon Winner
Girls’ 14 Doubles Club Livvy R Heithoff / Lily G Vanhowe Winner
Girls’ 14 Doubles Club Amara Makim / Phoebe Muir Finalist
Girls’ 14 Doubles Tournament Anusha Tekumulla / Annika Tekumulla Winner
Girls’ 14 Doubles Tournament Hadley Schwarz / Kristen Kenaya Finalist
Girls’ 14 Singles Club Livvy R Heithoff Winner
Girls’ 14 Singles Club Phoebe Muir Finalist
Girls’ 14 Singles Tournament Carly J Smith Winner
Girls’ 14 Singles Tournament Anusha Tekumulla Finalist
Girls’ 18 Doubles Tournament Sydney J Sepsey / Jillian M Brooks Winner
Girls’ 18 Doubles Tournament Jamy A Brooks / Ana I Leon Flann Finalist
Girls’ 18 Singles Tournament Casey E Smith Winner
Girls’ 18 Singles Tournament Isabella S Murray Finalist
Men’s 30 Doubles Gordon F Farnsworth / Scott Comment Winner
Men’s 30 Doubles Michael Navarro / Matthew C Lozen Finalist
Men’s 30 Singles Mark Walker Winner
Men’s 30 Singles Jason Go Finalist
Men’s 45 Doubles Brian Slonac / Andrew Schrand Winner
Men’s 45 Doubles Fritz Lepley / David P Clutts Finalist
Men’s 45 Singles Fritz Lepley Winner
Men’s 45 Singles James Hepting Finalist
Men’s 60 Doubles John D Johnson / Tino Dibattista Winner
Men’s 60 Doubles Jeffrey Blackman / John Anderson Finalist
Men’s 60 Singles Jeffrey Blackman Winner
Men’s 60 Singles Tino Dibattista Finalist
Mixed 10 Doubles Preston A Lee / Ashlyn Kinney Winner
Mixed 10 Doubles Carissa Bauer / Tej Patel Finalist
Mixed 14 Doubles Ryan Davies / Hadley Schwarz Winner
Mixed 14 Doubles Chris M Latosinsky / Anusha Tekumulla Finalist
Mixed 18 Doubles Derek Distelrath / Casey E Smith Winner
Mixed 18 Doubles Andrew Davies / Isabella S Murray Finalist
Mixed 30 Doubles Kristina Kinney / Jason Go Winner
Mixed 30 Doubles Tiffany R Odlum / David S Brown Finalist
Mixed 45 Doubles Tracy L Carleton / Mike Cansfield Winner
Mixed 45 Doubles Connie Kleeves / Mike Kleeves Finalist
Mixed 60 Doubles Barb Lynch / Jeffrey Blackman Winner
Mixed 60 Doubles Manny B Umoquit / Zeny T Umoquit Finalist
Mixed Open Doubles Annie Moore / Nathan N Ponton Winner
Mixed Open Doubles Justin Sabourin / Kimberly S Miller Finalist
Open Doubles Steve Pillon / Matt Wise Winner
Open Doubles Justin Sabourin / Jason Go Finalist
Open Singles Nathan N Ponton Winner
Open Singles Steve Pillon Finalist
Women’s 30 Doubles Kristina Kinney / Tracy L Carleton Winner
Women’s 30 Doubles Laura Wickens / Julie Cooper Finalist
Women’s 30 Singles Connie Kleeves Winner
Women’s 30 Singles Jen Douglas Finalist
Women’s 45 Doubles Michele R Winfield / Connie Kleeves Winner
Women’s 45 Doubles Alice J Mariani / Karen Basha Finalist
Women’s Open Doubles Annie Moore / Tiffany R Odlum Winner
Women’s Open Doubles Ashley Gregoris / Grace Whitney Finalist
Women’s Open Singles Grace Whitney Winner
Women’s Open Singles Annie Moore Finalist


Mike Clary Award – 2 winners this year…Claire Brooks & Seth Pinnoo

Robinson Award – Dave Brown

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